In the build-up to the release of the highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy 7, Sony reveals that the PC port of the original game is available for PS4 today.

Final Fantasy 7 is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, and seen by many as the magnum opus of Square Enix’s acclaimed role-playing series. It’s no surprise, then, that the news of a ground-up remake of the title has shot to the top of many a gamer’s must-have list. In the meantime, PS4 owners can at least get a feel for the title, with a port of the original game that has released for the console today.

The launch was announced during the PlayStation Experience event. The version of Final Fantasy 7 that is now available for Sony’s flagship console is actually a version of the PC port of the game, rather than a straight adaptation of the PS1 original. This HD update of the game was released on Steam a few years ago.

The news follows on from plenty of speculation that the game could be set for an imminent release. Although the title was initially slotted in for an October 2015 launch, the date came and went with fans of the game raising eyebrows about how the port was progressing. With a trophy list launching just days ago, many then suspected Final Fantasy 7 would finally be making its way into the current console generation.

Final Fantasy 7 Cloud Barret

Of course, many Final Fantasy fans will have their attention diverted by other news regarding the seventh iteration of the beloved franchise. Also revealed during PSX 2015 was a brand new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake. Showcasing the title’s combat in action, as well as the grim streets of Midgar, it gives those looking forward to the new version a very intriguing look at the differences between the original game and the upcoming remake.

With the port of Final Fantasy 7 releasing today, Square Enix will no doubt be hoping that those excited about the remake will take another look at the much-loved original. It will also certainly raise more interesting discussions about the differences that the developer will introduce when the remake is ready to release. After all, there has already been plenty of talk about how the battle system will differ.

Sony has taken a retrospective look at some of the most successful games in its history of late. Just yesterday, the PlayStation creator released a full list of PS2 games that are planned for PS4 emulation. With Final Fantasy 7 now available, PS4 owners could well wonder about what other classics will eventually see release on the console.