Final Fantasy 7 Cheats Don't Disable Trophies on PS4

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Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation 4 has three cheats that allow players to speed up time in the game, turn off random encounters, and instantly heal their party.

Square Enix is finally cashing in on Final Fantasy 7 nostalgia in a big way. This comes in the form of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, as well as the re-release of the original game for the PS4. However, Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 is not just a simple port, but it actually has some additional functionality not available in the original PS1 release, including a few helpful "cheats."

These cheats for Final Fantasy 7 can be activated easily enough. To speed up the game 3x, simply click in the left analog stick. To toggle random encounters on and off, click in both the left and right analog sticks at the same time. And finally, those wanting to completely heal their party as well as fill their Limit Break gauges in an instant just need to click in the right stick.

As anyone that has played Final Fantasy 7 can attest, these cheats can be extremely helpful. Not only are they designed to make the game easier, but they can also allow people to tailor the experience to their liking. For example, if someone is not really interested in grinding levels and just wants to see what all the fuss is about in regards to Final Fantasy 7's story, they are able to do so thanks to these cheats.

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These cheats can also be beneficial for veteran Final Fantasy 7 players that want to speed up the grinding process and dialogue so they can get to their favorite bits of the game, such as Cloud's cross-dressing scene or a specific boss fight. Likewise, purists that want to experience Final Fantasy 7 the way it was originally meant to be played are free to do so as well if they just don't use any of the three cheats.

A possible concern for completionists is that the cheats will disable one's ability to unlock trophies. In many games with cheats, this is exactly what happens, but that's not the case with Final Fantasy 7. So anyone hoping to get Final Fantasy 7's PS4 trophies can still do so, even if they use these cheats as a shortcut to that goal.

These cheats were available in the PC and iOS versions of Final Final Fantasy 7 as well, so it's not a huge surprise to see them return for the PS4 edition. However, it's good to know that using the cheats doesn't disable the ability for players to unlock the game's trophies (some of which are quite daunting), and should be a good way for gamers to experience Final Fantasy 7 in the manner they wish to do so.

Final Fantasy 7 with cheats is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and iOS mobile devices.

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