Final Fantasy 7: 10 Plot Holes That Were Never Explained

There can never be a definitive best game in the Final Fantasy series that everyone will agree on. While we can't crown Final Fantasy VII the unquestionable best, we can at least call it the most influential entry. There is a reason why fans have been clamoring for a remake since forever.

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Final Fantasy VII proved what the PlayStation was capable of and made an RPG that even new players unaccustomed to the genre could get into. As much as we love it, we have to admit that it does have some problems with the story. In the remake, we hope these plot holes and inconsistencies can be taken care of. Here are 10 plot holes that were never explained in Final Fantasy VII.

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10 How Does Rufus Survive?

Until the CG movie Advent Children came out, everyone thought Rufus died toward the end of the game. It was when Diamond Weapon was headed toward Midgar. It blasted the Shinra Tower where Rufus was hiding.

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We even saw him get caught up in the blast. So how did he survive that? Well, he somehow did unbelievably and had no scars either. Yes, he was probably enhanced by Hojo’s experiments, but seeing him come back felt like a cop out.

9 The Turks' Plane

Everything on this list can be brushed aside with reasonable theories. There is absolutely no way to explain this one though. So there is a side quest involving finding a shot down plane via the sub toward the end of the game. In said plane are Rude and Reno who were on board when it crashed.

The final confrontation with these two plus Elena is supposed to happen when the team goes back to Midgar. This is canonically after the plane was shot down. If players do this sequence out of order it simply doesn’t make sense.

8 Controlling Cait Sith

A giant Mog and a talking cat may seem strange for Final Fantasy VII’s crew, but prior to their meet up with Cait Sith they did befriend a monstrous lion that could talk as well, so it wasn’t that strange. Then it was revealed the pair were robots being controlled by Reeve at Shinra.

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First of all, how can a signal be that strong that he could control it from that distance? Secondly, how did he control it when he had a whole department to run? It isn’t paws-sible.

7 The Reunion

Hopefully, this problem will be revealed in the remake, but what is up with The Reunion? Throughout the adventure, Cloud will come across what appears to be folks in black cloaks. When he talks to them he usually finds a tattoo. These are supposed to be...clones of Sephiroth?

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The explanation is sort of fuzzy. It doesn’t really matter what they are. What doesn’t make sense to us is the fact that they disappear once talked to? Are they just illusions? What’s going on?

6 Aeris’ Death

Aeris’ downfall was a tragedy and one that left a hole in the hearts of gamers that still hasn’t healed. It is kind of strange to think about though. After all, characters die in battle all the time.

They simply need to be revived with a Phoenix Down, or with some sort of magic like Life. There are so many ways to get back up and keep the fight going, but somehow they can’t revive Aeris after one stab wound?

5 Tifa And Aeris Not Speaking Up

When Cloud reveals he was impersonating his best friend in SOLDIER, Zack, it was a twist that would have made M. Night Shyamalan blush. As is the case with most twists that come out of nowhere, if one traces back events in the game they don’t add up. Aeris dated Zack and somehow it never really came up that they look alike.

On top of that Tifa knew Cloud failed when it came to getting into the military, along with other revelations. She just kept quit because...well, no one knows.

4 Waiting For METEOR

This isn’t really the fault of Final Fantasy VII as this is a cliché that has plagued RPGs for generations. See when Sephiroth summons METEOR it is predicted it will crash into the planet within a week.

Well, based on side quests and cumulative hours racked up, our party definitely exceeded a week’s time. The same can be said for a lot of gamers most likely. It’s like in Dragon Ball Z when Frieza says Namek will blow up in five minutes and then it lasts twenty some episodes later.

3 Cloudception

Aeris and Tifa not speaking up is one thing that doesn’t make sense about Cloud’s past. Another is when Cloud and Tifa get sucked into the Lifestream, which actually channels them into his subconscious. We think that about sums it up?

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Our question then is how exactly that works. What is the Lifestream anyway? It’s said to be the planet’s life juice, but what does that even mean? At the end of the day when it comes to Japanese RPGs, fans have to swallow a lot.

2 The Fate Of Yuffie And Vincent

Let’s talk about Yuffie and Vincent real quick. First of all, it stinks that even if players get them they aren’t in that ending cinematic in the core even though they can fight Sephiroth. On top of that, how exactly is Yuffie getting around to all of these forests in order to surprise the party? And why is Vincent in a coffin?

To us, they feel like rushed additions to the game. Thankfully this era of optional party members is almost nonexistent in terms of Final Fantasy games that is.

1 Fighting Weapons

The party comes across all manners of monstrous foes throughout their adventure. Some are small and some are large. Then there are the Weapons, which are on a whole other level. Um, shouldn’t the party die in like one hit? Their sizes are too huge for even magic to make a dent.

That’s why Shinra has to use the Junon cannon twice in order to make a debt in two of them and yet Cloud and the others can take on Ruby like it was nothing. We want to see the gang jump into mechs in the remake! Then it would make sense.

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