Final Fantasy 7: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Soliders Understand

With the remake inching closer and closer, Final Fantasy 7 has been getting a lot of attention. That’s pretty understandable, and with all the attention comes a fresh new batch of memes surrounding the game.

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When it comes to FF 7 there’s no shortage of things to poke fun at. Be it characters, narrative or whatever else. Maybe the remake will give us that much more to laugh at, but for now, this is what we have to work with – so far.

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10 Graphics Update

It goes without saying that the original Final Fantasy VII’s graphics look pretty outdated by today’s standards. But while the remake looks phenomenal from what we’ve seen so far, fans are still going to have a soft spot in their hearts for the old look.

While many gamers are freaking out over the remake's new look, let’s not forget the charm that the old models had. They may not hold a candle to what we see now, but graphics aren’t everything, right?

9 Vincent’s Sins

Vincent has kind of a brooding personality and is definitely one of the biggest edgelords in the party. While he acts a certain way throughout the game, the internet has had years to have their fun with him – and make light of his intense personality.

This fan comic reimagines Vincent’s first meeting with the party and plays it off pretty hilariously. The cutesy art style definitely does it some favors as well, making it that much more of a light-hearted take.

8 Reality Hits You

The overworld in the original Final Fantasy VII is something that stuck in the minds of many who played the game. But it seems like not everyone remembers it as fondly as others. At least, if this meme is anything to go by.

Concept art and actual in-game graphics aren’t always going to match-up – that’s a given. That was especially true two decades ago. But it seems like someone was really disappointed by the discrepancy in what they saw and what they got. If there are any positives to take away from this, it’s that the remake will probably look at least a little bit better.

7 Too Much To Handle

The next 8 months are going to be great for gamers. Some of the most heavily anticipated titles of the last several years are finally dropping and tons of people in the community are excited to finally get to see what these titles have to offer. Aside from the FF7 remake, Death Stranding, Cyberpunk and a ton of other games will be making their way onto shelves.

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That’s a lot of money you’re going to have to spend over the course of several months. While it’s better than them all coming out in the same month, it really does seem like gamers are going to be spoiled for choice soon enough.

6 This Is Fine

As is the case with most JRPG’s, Final Fantasy VII gave players a ton of extra activities to partake in aside from the main quest. While things get pretty chaotic towards the end of the game, that doesn’t stop you from kicking back and breeding chocobos.

Technically, players have all the time in the world to do whatever they want, whenever they want. But if you’re just looking at it in the moment, then it’s a pretty hilarious (and risky) way to spend your time before the world gets smashed.

5 Supernova

Some moves in the game just really seem completely overpowered, and despite that just don’t end up doing nearly as much damage as you’d expect. Of course, everything has to be somewhat balanced and you can see why the developers wouldn’t put absolutely busted moves in the game.

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The above image brings up a pretty funny point. Supernova is supposed to be a devastating move, but when used on your party isn’t guaranteed to take them all out. It’s still a pretty intimidating move regardless, so we’ll just chalk this one up to nitpicking.

4 Playin’ For Keeps

Even gamers who have never played Final Fantasy VII know about Aerith’s tragic death. It’s one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history, and the prospect of seeing it happen all over again is something that fans aren’t exactly excited for.

Of course, fans have always questioned why Aerith just couldn’t be revived. The game itself has no shortage of methods of doing so. Maybe things will change in the remake, maybe not. If the latter ends up holding true then expect the last panel to play out with anyone hoping to avoid a repeat of how things went down the first time around.

3 Get In The Dress, Cloud

Another iconic sequence from the original which will be interesting to see played out in FF7 is Cloud’s infamous cross-dressing misadventure with Don Corneo. It goes without saying that some fans will be way more excited to see this than others.

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What makes this little comic so great is the facial expressions. The artist obviously put in a lot of time into recreating the original meme, and it really works out phenomenally. Not all that much extra needs to be done here to get the point across. Regular Cloud: meh. Cloud in a dress: amazing.

2 Do You Want This Back? Or…

The Aerith memes aren’t stopping yet. You can bet that a moment as gut-wrenching as her death has plenty memes focused around it. After all these years, you have to appreciate how funny some people can make it.

The list of reactions here is just too good. The last one has to be the coup de grace though. It’s the last thing you’d expect her to say in that situation. Hopefully, everyone can laugh like this once it all plays out again this March.

1 That Escalated Quickly

The games industry evolves significantly from generation to generation. He technology being used gets better and better and that ultimately affects the overall quality of the product going forward. It’s not all that difficult to notice and really stands out in some instances.

Taking a look at the original PS1 version of the game and the PS3 tech demo, you can see some noticeable differences. But things get blown out of the water with the PS4 remake. It won’t be nearly as impressive in another five years, but it’s turning heads for now.

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