Final Fantasy 7: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed

The March 3, 2020 release of the Final Fantasy VII remake, and the original’s inclusion on the PlayStation Mini, has resulted in a lot of gamers playing, or replaying, this classic game. Many gamers new to this title are probably wondering what secrets there are hidden away on the world map. Many of the hidden areas in this game are actually visible while playing, but require special methods of travel to reach - like one of the various types of chocobos. So let’s examine ten of the more hidden areas in Final Fantasy VII, and how to get to them.

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10 The Chocobo Sage’s House

On a small northern continent, the one where you have your final showdown with Sephiroth, there is a small house near the mountains. This is the Chocobo Sage’s house. The Sage not only offers tips on chocobo breeding, but will also sell items for breeding and maintaining your chocobos. The items for sale are: Porov Nut, Pram Nut, Sylkis Green, and Reagan Greens. That’s not all the treasure to be found in the house; talk to the green chocobo in the Sage’s house. After talking to the chocobo, the party is given an Enemy Skill materia.

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9 The Submerged Gelnika

Once you get the submarine, head to the coast near the Gold Saucer and go underwater. In this area is a sunken plane (called a Gelnika) that can be explored. There are three important pieces of treasure that can be obtained in the plane. The first is the unique Hades materia; which is located in the cargo hold. In the plane’s research room is the ultimate weapon for Yuffie, named the Conformer. Also, in the research room is a chest and the Double-Cut materia; this allows the user to attack multiple times. The chest contains a megalixir .

8 The Basement In Shinra Mansion

Getting to the basement of Shinra Mansion requires several steps, but is worth the effort. First the player must get the combination to the safe on the 2nd floor. In case you needed it, the combination is: right 36, left 10, right 59, and right 97. This will give the player the key to the basement (among other treasure); the entrance to which is located at the bottom of the spiral staircase. In the basement are several coffins. If the player interacts with the closed coffin they will find Vincent Valentine. After speaking with Vincent, leave the basement – Vincent will catch-up to the party and offer to join them.

7 Materia Cave In Wutai

There are many alternative activities in Final Fantasy VII. One of these is chocobo breeding, and there are numerous reasons to breed better chocobos. Finding this hidden area is one of those reasons, as getting to this cave requires a mountain chocobo. Once a mountain chocobo has been acquired, head to the east coast of Wutai and go to the peninsula at the mid-point of the continent. Using the mountain chocobo to cross the mountains reveals a small cave at the end of the peninsula. Inside the cave is the Mime materia. This useful materia allows the user to copy the last action performed by a party member in battle.

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6 The Ancient Forest

There is an area in the Ancient Forest that forces the player to run around picking up frogs and insects. The player can then use these creatures to clear paths through the forest. Doing this is not necessary, but it is very lucrative. The treasures in this area include; the Typhoon materia, the Slash-all materia, a weapon for cloud called Apocalypse, and a Minerva Band. These items are well worth the detour. Also, if there is a dead character in the party, then walk into one of the fly-trap plants. When it rejects the party and spits them out the dead character will be revived with one hit point.

5 The Kalm Traveler’s House

Kalm is a town near Midgar. When you get there, go to the 2nd floor of the house that is farthest to the right; there you will encounter the Kalm Traveler. The party can trade items with the Kalm Traveler, and the items he gives the party are extremely valuable. The party can trade a rose bloom for a gold chocobo. Giving him a Guidebook will get the party the Underwater materia – which is needed to have a fighting chance against the Emerald Weapon. Bring the Earth Harp to the Traveler and the party will receive the Master Magic, Master Command, and Master Summon materia.

4 Materia Cave North of North Corel

To reach this cave the party will need a black chocobo. To get to this materia cave head north, towards the entrance to Mt. Corel. Go over the mountainous area to reveal a small desert valley with a river running east into the ocean. At this point the player will be able to see the cave entrance on the side of the mountain. Go into the cave to find the HP<->MP materia. This materia switches the values of the HP and MP of the user. The desert area is also where the party can encounter Cactuers, which give a substantial amount of experience and AP when defeated.

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3 The Locked Door In Mideel

On an island on the south-eastern part of the map is the town of Mideel. While Cloud is recuperating the player takes control of Tifa and can explore the town and visit the ships therein. If the player checks behind the weapon shop a locked door will be discovered. Now go to the accessory shop and look for a “useless” key on the walkway. This key unlocks the door the door behind the weapon shop. The player will be confronted about why they are there when entering the door. Tell the truth. For being honest the player is given a cursed ring. The ring can be used to make Tifa’s weapons, the Powersoul and Master Fist, deal significantly more than the normal damage.

2 Materia Cave near Mideel

Also near Mideel is a cave that holds one of the most powerful materia in the game. To get to this cave will require a blue or black chocobo so the party can cross the shallow water. There are three islands that are commonly referred to as the “talons” At the tip of the northern most "talon" is a cave. Inside this cave is the Quadra Magic materia; which every player should get. Normally, this materia allows the casting of four spells in one turn. There are exploits with this materia, though, that actually allows for up to eight spells to be cast during one turn.

1 Materia Cave At Round Island

Far to the north-east on the world map is a small round island that resembles a dormant volcano. Bear in mind this island is not marked on the world map, but it is not hard to find. To get to the cave along the inner wall of the mountain requires a gold chocobo. Inside this cave is the most powerful summon materia in the game – the Knights of the Round materia. This summons delivers thirteen hits to the enemy, and can deliver a total of nearly 130,000 points of damage when used by a character with a high magic score.

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