Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Reveals Action-Focused Gameplay

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Offers Visuals & Combat Update - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer Cloud Strife

Sony reveals a new trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 remake during PSX 2015, showcasing the title's new action-focused gameplay on the streets of the city of Midgar.

Sony's PSX 2015 keynote was barely underway before gamers were given an exciting glimpse at one of the most hyped games coming to the PS4. Final Fantasy fans have long been excited about the remake of iconic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy 7. Although details have been thin on the ground, the gaming community has finally been given a solid glimpse at the game - including a peek at the title's combat in action, which is dramatically different from the original.

Fans of the long-standing series have long wondered just how much the title would differ from the gameplay of the original version. Now, at least some of the question has been answered, with brief looks at Cloud fighting against the soldiers of Shinra on the streets of Midgar. Accompanied by fellow characters such as Barret, the title looks set to bring an entirely new dimension to fans of the much loved Final Fantasy 7.

Alongside the clear changes to the way the game will play, there have also been some real advancements to the title's graphics, as hinted by previously-released producer updates. However, Midgar certainly has the same feel as the original game, with a similar feeling of gloom and industrial dystopian overtones. Those interested in seeing the entire trailer can check it out below.


The trailer only gives a tiny glimpse at the game in action, but it may well be enough to impress some of the devoted fanbase that Final Fantasy 7 has accumulated over the years. Whether the more real-time action combat focus will necessarily fly remains to be seen, but it will certainly be intriguing to find out exactly how much this gameplay will effect the overall feel of the game. Meanwhile, the way that the cutscenes have been reimagined will no doubt also have tongues wagging.

Square Enix had already confirmed that the game's combat would be a very different beast from the turn-based mechanics of the original game, leading to much discussion over whether the game should stray too far from the path. As it stands, those expecting a straight remake could be in for a real culture shock, although just how well the new system works won't be known until a much more in-depth look is given.

The level of change is certainly a different approach for a remake, even one that gives a title an entire ground-up overhaul. That said, Square Enix has made no secret of the number of changes that Final Fantasy 7 would be receiving; after all, the game does not even make use of Square's signature engine. One thing's for sure: fans will have a difficult time waiting to try out the game in action.

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