Final Fantasy 7’s Original Soundtrack Composer Isn’t Working on Remake

By | 12 months ago 

Final Fantasy 7′s original soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu briefly states in an interview that he isn’t involved in the Final Fantasy 7 remake project.

While classic RPG fans delighted at Square Enix’s promise to finally create a Final Fantasy VII remake, the director has also noted that it won’t be a strict replica of the original game. It would also appear that players can expect the iconic soundtrack to sound a bit different.

Nobuo Uematsu, the original composer for Final Fantasy VII and every other game in the series up until Final Fantasy XII, has explained his level of involvement with the remake in a video interview. As it turns out, Uematsu will not be returning for the Final Fantasy VII remake at all, despite his original soundtrack being such an important part of the game.

In the interview with French gaming site Jeux Video, the interviewer asked the Final Fantasy VII composer whether he was going to be working on the Final Fantasy VII remake. The composer simply replied, “Not at all.” Unfortunately, it would appear that Square Enix has either chosen to go with a different composer, or perhaps they haven’t determined who they’ll bring on for the project yet. After all, even the Final Fantasy VII remake Director didn’t know he had the job until watching the teaser for the game, which listed him as Director.

While fans would probably prefer that the composer behind legendary tracks from Final Fantasy VII like ‘One-Winged Angel’ and ‘Aerith’s Theme’ return to work on the project, it’s not a huge surprise that he isn’t involved. Uematsu began working with Square back in 1986, but ultimately left to start his own company in 2004. However, he hasn’t been completely estranged from Square Enix, as the Final Fantasy composer has worked with Square Enix as a freelancer since his departure.

In any case, it’s not the first time that Final Fantasy VII‘s music has been reworked by another musical artist. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children received a soundtrack created by Square Enix group The Black Mages, though Uematsu did help to compose some of the music for the film. Square Enix undoubtedly knows that the music is a huge part of what made the Final Fantasy VII experience so unique, and that upgrading the old tracks for modern consoles will require a special touch. The original Final Fantasy VII composer may be brought back eventually, or perhaps they’ll look to another prolific musician, like Yoko Shimomura, the composer for the Kingdom Hearts series.

Square Enix will have to carefully walk the line to make sure that gamers receive an experience that stays true to the original Final Fantasy VII while also creating something modern and dynamic. Considering that Final Fantasy VII‘s original composer has traveled the world leading Final Fantasy concerts, it doesn’t seem like it would be hard for Square Enix to get him back. The question is, is this one more aspect of Final Fantasy VII they’re deciding to flip on its head, or will they strive to polish – but not change – the soundtrack?

Final Fantasy VII will be available for the PS4.

Source: Jeux Video