Square Enix releases the second Mobius Final Fantasy trailer for its Final Fantasy 7 crossover event, which is set to go live on the mobile game starting Tuesday, February 7th.

As the hero and villain (respectively) of Final Fantasy 7, Cloud and Sephiroth are intrinsically linked – where one goes the other is likely to follow. It makes sense, then, that Square Enix’s new mobile game, Mobius Final Fantasy, would be adding both as crossover characters, complete with their own event.

The extent of the Cloud and Sephiroth crossover event in Mobius Final Fantasy is unclear so far, but a Japanese language trailer showcasing both characters has been revealed. In it, players can see that the more modern looks for Cloud and Sephiroth are on display – the representations seen most recently in the Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children film.

For those who have been keeping track, this is the second trailer for Mobius Final Fantasy’s FF 7 crossover event, which is set to go live on Tuesday, February 7th. While it is live it appears that Cloud and Sephiroth will continue their decades-long battle, but how exactly is unclear…mostly because we don’t speak Japanese.

When it comes to the world of Final Fantasy, every fan has their favorite character or characters. Some prefer the earlier heroes and villains, like Kefka and the basic Black Mage, while others prefer the likes of Tidus or Lightning. But few could argue that when it comes to iconic Final Fantasy characters it’s hard to top Cloud and Sephiroth.

It’s arguably just as hard to top Final Fantasy 7, which continues to dominate the conversation surrounding the Final Fantasy series despite the game being 20 years old. Obviously it doesn’t hurt that Square Enix is working on a Final Fantasy 7 Remake for episodic release, but even before that Final Fantasy 7’s characters were everywhere, from appearances in Kingdom Hearts to World of Final Fantasy. Plain and simple: Final Fantasy 7 is the top of the food chain when it comes to the most popular entries in the JRPG franchise.

new final fantasy 7 remake image

And for those who are holding out for non-crossover Final Fantasy 7 content there is the aforementioned remake on the way. Last fans had heard, the title was slated to start its episodic schedule as early as this year, and Square Enix also released a new image featuring (who else) Cloud and Sephiroth. Needless to say, Final Fantasy 7 fans loyalty to and love for the franchise is going to pay off in the coming weeks, months, and maybe even years.

Mobius Final Fantasy’s crossover event with Final Fantasy 7 goes live on February 7th on mobile devices.