Square Enix suddenly releases Final Fantasy 7 on Android devices, but this version of the popular game has a game-breaking bug that needs to be squashed.

iOS owners have been able to play Square Enix’s classic JRPG Final Fantasy VII for the past year, but Android users have been left out. That changes today, as Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy VII worldwide for Android mobile devices, though the launch hasn’t gone as smoothly as the company may have hoped.

Unfortunately, Final Fantasy VII on Android is plagued by a pretty serious game-breaking bug involving the game’s vehicles. Depending on how close players are to various terrain when getting in or out of vehicles, it may become impossible for the vehicles to move again. Square Enix has yet to fix this issue, and recommends that players save often and use multiple save slots to avoid too much frustration.

Otherwise, it seems as though Final Fantasy VII on Android is the same game that veterans of the franchise know and love, with some enhancements. For example, players are able to use cheats like turning off random battles and maxing out stats of the characters instantly. Returning players will also notice a visual upgrade, as the Android version is a slightly altered re-release of the HD Steam version of the game that launched a few years back.

Cloud Final Fantasy 7

Square Enix is likely re-releasing the enhanced version of Final Fantasy VII on so many platforms not only to bank on nostalgia, but also to help promoteĀ Final Fantasy VII Remake. By keeping the original game fresh in the minds of gamers, it could help generate additional interest in the upcoming remake.

It could also work the other way as well, with hype for the remake making fans eager to buy the game again on other platforms. And if enough gamers purchase the Android versions of Final Fantasy VII, it may convince Square Enix to bring the enhanced versions of other Final Fantasy games to the platform as well, such as Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy IX is already on Android, and Final Fantasy VII‘s release today means that Final Fantasy VIII is the only PS1-era Final Fantasy game yet to hit the platform. If Final Fantasy VII and IX on Android both have strong sales, perhaps Square Enix will be convinced to finally bring Final Fantasy VIII to mobile. While fans wait for news on that front, they’re free to enjoy the other Final Fantasy games already available for smartphones and tablets.

Final Fantasy VII is available on PC, PS1, PS4, in addition to Android and iOS mobile devices.

Source: GameSpot