Final Fantasy 5 Hits PC With Revamped Art Style and Updated Controls

By | 1 year ago 

While Square Enix has refrained from announcing so much as a release date for Final Fantasy XV, that doesn’t mean the year has been devoid of news for Final Fantasy fans. This year has heralded the Final Fantasy VII iOS port, the news of a Final Fantasy VII remake being in the works, and Final Fantasy XIV’s significant expansion and update.

It would appear that Square Enix hasn’t finished their Final Fantasy-related surprises, either. In an announcement video today, Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy V would be coming to PC, with some visual updates.

Rather than a complete remake, the Final Fantasy V PC version is essentially an optimized version of the mobile phone port from 2013, complete with significant changes made to the game’s appearance. Kazuko Shibuya, who worked on the original Final Fantasy V, was brought in to make adjustments to the character sprites and overall art style. The game has also been modified to be more intuitive for PC gamers to play, featuring updated controls and an updated active-time battle system.

The additions that were added to the game for its prior, various ports have also been included in this version. Gamers will be able to use the added-on gladiator, cannoneer, oracle, and necromancer classes. The Sealed Temple from Final Fantasy V Advance will also be included, alongside optional boss Enuo. The PC port is set to release on September 24th to commemorate the game’s 23rd anniversary, and will be available for $15.99, or $14.39 if pre-ordered through Steam.

Whether or not fans of the original Final Fantasy V will appreciate this version remains to be seen. It’s not the first time older NES and SNES Final Fantasy titles have seen major revisions, beginning with Playstation 1 ports that featured full-motion cinematic cutscenes. However, series fans are already feeling that the series has wandered too far from its turn-based RPG roots, and the news that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would update or change the plot and gameplay hasn’t gone over well with everyone. In addition, while the new graphics look smooth and will probably look better on high-resolution modern displays than the old SNES graphics, the changes to the sprite art style may not appeal to gamers who feel nostalgic for the old appearance.

Square Enix has struggled to create innovation in the Final Fantasy brand without alienating its fanbase. Whether or not the Final Fantasy V PC version will please gamers remains to be seen, especially since this version of the game has already existed on mobile phones. However, some fans may appreciate the updated controls, and might find it easier to play a turn-based RPG on a computer rather than a small mobile phone screen.

Final Fantasy V will release on September 24th for PC, and is available on Steam.

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