The first original Final Fantasy for the Nintendo DS has been officially announced. Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is Square Enix’s latest fantasy adventure, featuring the expected unique job and combat systems, an epic story, and cooperative multiplayer for up to four simultaneous players.

Here’s Square’s introduction to the world of The 4 Heroes of Light:

“In the small kingdom of Horne, Brandt awakes on the morning of his 14th birthday. Today is the day he becomes an adult, and the custom of the realm says that he must go to the castle to present himself to the king.

Yet when he arrives at the castle, he finds the king distraught and the youngest princess missing, abducted by the Witch of the North. With no one else to turn to, the king makes a shocking request: will Brandt save the princess?

And thus Brandt’s adventure begins …”

Of course, nothing like forcing a 14 year old child into the wilderness and forcing him to save a distraught princess from all of the world’s evil. Really, Square?

Then again, my criticism is practically meaningless seeing as I’ve already decided I must have this game. Every single Final Fantasy handheld experience has been great, and I expect the same level of quality in The 4 Heroes of Light. Not to mention four player coop, yes please!

Anyone interested in joining me? I’ll need a white mage, black mage, and some sort of thief to complete my team composition.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light is for the Nintendo DS, and is scheduled for release on Oct. 5, 2010.