Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy 15, sits down to an interview and clarifies when and how gamers will be able to play Final Fantasy 15 with the PlayStation VR headset.

When Sony’s E3 presentation revealed that Final Fantasy XV will be playable with PlayStation VR, it was a pleasant surprise for most fans of the series. However, the lack of details also left gamers wondering if it was going to be a separate game, or if any gamer with the PlayStation VR headset and a copy of Final Fantasy XV would be able to play it. In an interview today, series director Hajime Tabata provided some answers to these questions.

Tabata sat down to an interview with Gamespot, where he explained what gamers could expect from the Final Fantasy XV Virtual Reality Experience. Tabata explained that Final Fantasy XV will include the VR Experience, but that it won’t be available right away. Considering that Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30th but the PlayStation VR headset’s release date is in early October, that makes sense. However, his further comments make it sound like there’s a chance it won’t be ready for the PlayStation VR’s launch, either, stating: “We’re thinking it’ll probably be a DLC release later for the game.”

Considering that there is just under two weeks between the release of Final Fantasy XV and the PlayStation VR, and the implication that the team is still deciding when and how it will be released, there may not be time to have the DLC ready when the headset releases. However, gamers at least don’t have to worry about dishing out even more cash, as Tabata clarified that the Final Fantasy XV Virtual Reality Experience will be free to anyone who purchases the base game, and that it’s intended to be an added bonus, rather than a separate project.

final fantasy xv virtual reality experience headset in game

In any case, gamers who want to get the most out of their new PlayStation VR headsets come October should have plenty to enjoy. Sony has promised that fifty games will be playable on the headset in 2016, and more will quickly follow in 2017, like Resident Evil VII. Although some in the industry still have their doubts about virtual reality, the demos Sony has shown for the PlayStation VR look extremely promising.

While the wait may come as a disappointment to some gamers, the announcement of Final Fantasy XV being playable on the PlayStation VR is ultimately just an added bonus. Chances are most gamers will be happy to just finally get their hands on the long-delayed Final Fantasy. Since the main campaign offers 50 hours of play time before ever tapping into the side quests and mini-games, gamers should have plenty to keep themselves busy with while they wait for the Final Fantasy XV Virtual Reality Experience DLC to be released.

Gamers, do you feel let down after the hype that Sony built up for the VR version of Final Fantasy XV? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30th for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot