Final Fantasy 15 Update Takes A Jab At 'Alternative Facts'

final fantasy 15 update alternative facts

Final Fantasy 15 is, without a doubt, a deeply flawed masterpiece - the kind of game that critics rave about one second while lamenting some poor design choices the next. While fans have debated the merits of most of Final Fantasy 15's grand adventure, however, there is one part of it that has almost unanimously been slammed as the worst part of the game. Final Fantasy 15's dreaded Chapter 13 garnered such a poor reputation that Square Enix created a patch update to fix it, and now that the Chapter 13 update is live, players have discovered that Square has also included a cheeky nod to the Trump administration's stance on facts.

The reference, documented in the video below courtesy of Eurogamer, sees Ignis suggest that the Niflheim Empire has lied to its citizens about the Crystal's effects on daemons - "it may be one of the Empire's 'alternative facts'", states Ignis in an exchange with Gladiolus. It's a very obvious jab at the Trump administration's "alternative facts" concept that has been so influential during his presidency thus far, and it's cool to see Final Fantasy 15 continue to include some fun Easter eggs through patches.

According to other players, the comparisons Final Fantasy 15 draws between the Niflheim Empire and Trump's America don't end there. Apparently, in the room immediately following the one Ignis mentions alternative facts, Gladiolus listens to a radio broadcast before calling it "fake news". Gladiolus' dry wit will be on display in greater amounts once Final Fantasy 15's Episode Gladiolus hits tomorrow, but the update to Chapter 13 gives fans a sneak preview.

The update to Chapter 13 offers more than just a few humorous comparisons to the real world, however. The patch is a major redesign that sees players take control of Gladiolus and Ignis as they make their way towards Noctis, eschewing the poorly implemented stealth scenario that hindered Chapter 13 for some more straightforward, fast-paced Final Fantasy 15 combat. The update also sheds some light on Final Fantasy 15's back story, focusing on what happens to some of Niflheim's key figures as the Empire begins to falter.

With Episode Gladiolus so close to release, it's incredible that Square Enix has managed to release a major patch to Chapter 13 as well. Beyond just fixing up some of the meandering gameplay sections, the developer has also included a couple topical references to keep Final Fantasy 15 nice and relevant - an encouraging sign heading into a crucial period of Final Fantasy 15's DLC plan.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, and its Episode Gladiolus DLC expansion releases tomorrow, March 28, 2017.

Source: Eurogamer

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