After all of the criticism Final Fantasy 15 received early into its official release that it was an unfinished game, it appears that Square Enix and the development team behind the wildly successful title have taken that feedback to heart. How else can fans explain the constant and open dialogue director Hajime Tabata has had with Final Fantasy 15‘s players in regards to adding content? Tabata and company have proven themselves to be fully committed to improving Final Fantasy 15, whether it be major patches that address game-breaking bugs or simple additions like a Walkman system and food items called “Stinky Tofu”.

That trend of consistent improvement – and bizarre, fun content additions – continued today when Final Fantasy 15‘s latest patch, Update 1.12, went live. The update is quite large, clocking in at over 8.5 gigabytes on the PS4, and part of the reason it is so big is that it is effectively preparing the game for the release of Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto, which is due out tomorrow. Both the figuratively and literally biggest change to Final Fantasy 15 in Update 1.12, however, is one that will surely be the center of a number of amazing photo opportunities for Noctis and crew – players now have the ability to transform the Regalia into an off-road monster truck mode.

The monster truck mode is called the Regalia Type-D, and it is designed to make traversing the wilds of Final Fantasy 15 much easier. To acquire the Type-D function for the Regalia, players simply need to drive down to Hammerhead and visit Cindy, who will be more than willing to upgrade the vehicle once players are ready.

final fantasy 15 regalia type d

Update 1.12 also includes the addition of Episode Prompto’s new music to the car radio, if fans want a little sneak peak of what the tone might be like throughout the new DLC. Interestingly enough, the fan survey that appeared on the title screen of the game has finally been removed after being present for a lengthy period of time – perhaps Square Enix has collected enough information, and the big Final Fantasy 15 announcement at Gamescom 2017 will be related to the poll’s results in some way.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.