Final Fantasy 15: How To Unlock Chocobo Riding

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Final Fantasy 15 players will find themselves hoofing it often, and that's why having access to a chocobo is invaluable. Here's how to unlock and ride these plucky bipedal mounts.

Final Fantasy 15 has certainly changed the way we imagine travel in the series, and while cruising around in the Regalia is a fantastic way to get around, sometimes traditional ways are more beneficial. When traveling off the beaten path, chocobos are the best option available.

Chocobos are easily one of the most recognizable creatures in the entire Final Fantasy series. This classic fauna has been a mainstay since Final Fantasy 2 and comes in many different varieties. There are yellow chocobos, black chocobos, racing chocobos, fat chocobos, and the list goes on. While chocobos have taken on many different roles, even helping out in combat occasionally, they have traditionally been rideable mounts that ease the burdens of traveling adventurers.

In Final Fantasy 15, a game with lots of ground to cover, they continue to be a boon. Here they provide an easily accessible alternative to the Regalia when Noctis and his friends need to travel off-road. However, there are a few tasks to be done before being allowed to mount these majestic bird-horses.

Reach Chapter 3

At the start of Chapter 3, players will be heading to the city of Lestallum, but will stop off at Alstor Coernix Station along the way. Here, Prompto will suggest the group visit the nearby Chocobo Post to ride some chocobos, because he is absolutely obsessed with the things, even singing the chocobo theme occasionally. Against the wishes of the other members, who are taking the road trip far too seriously, agree to Prompto's suggestion and this will initiate the "Friends of a Feather" quest.

Head To Chocobo Post

Follow the signs or just kick it in the back seat while Ignis chauffeurs the group to the Chocobo Post. Here, speak to Wiz and learn that all chocobo rides have been put on hold due to a dangerous creature lurking about. The behemoth known as Deadeye is wreaking havoc across the countryside and Wiz won't release the chocobos until it's taken out of commission.

Hunt Down And Kill Deadeye

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Once you get the low down on the situation, start up another conversation with Wiz. Since he's the Chocobo Post's official restaurateur he will offer to divulge local points of interest, fill up the group's bellies with a good meal, or offer hunts. Check out what hunts are available and accept "A Behemoth Undertaking". Follow the quest locations, track Deadeye down, and end his rein of terror. Once he is properly disposed of, head back to Wiz for your prize.

Completing this hunt will reward you with a whopping 1,500 EXP, as well as a Chocobo Whistle. You will also have access to the Rent-a-Bird service, which are kiosks set up all over Eos. You have likely already noticed a few along your way at various service stations. Up until now, however, they were inaccessible.

Ride A Chocobo

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Now that chocobos are at your beck and call, just stroll on over to a Rent-a-Bird station and rent a chocobo for however long you'd wish. The rates are pretty cheap, so paying for a few days won't hurt your wallet. Once that's done, you are free to summon a chocobo whenever you wish for the duration specified. Just give a toot on the ol' Chocobo Whistle and a feathery steed will come calling to give the party a lift.

Congratulations on obtaining everyone's favorite molting mount! Having a chocobo available will be incredibly handy when you're combing the wilderness and need to get around quickly. You'll become more skilled as you ride and, as a bonus, your chocobo can sometimes help in combat. There are also chocobo races, should you be inclined to partake.

Lastly, be sure to stop by the Chocobo Post occasionally and give your new feathery friends a hug to show your gratitude. This doesn't do anything special, but it does create some adorable photo ops for Prompto.

Looking for some more help navigating the fantastical and dangerous world of Eos? Check out our Final Fantasy 15 guides.

Final Fantasy 15 is available not on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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