Square Enix officially confirms that Final Fantasy 15‘s pricey $270 Ultimate Collector’s Edition does not include the role-playing game’s Season Pass.

Although Final Fantasy 15‘s $270 Ultimate Collector’s Editions were initially so popular that it prompted Square Enix to manufacture 10,000 more units, it’s quite possible that the forthcoming role-playing game’s rather expensive version may have fans attempting to get a refund. According to a Q&A session during gamescom 2016 with the title’s director Hajime Tabata and art director Tomohiro Hasegawa, the costly special version of the game will not contain its Season Pass.

As logged in the tweet below from the official Final Fantasy 15 Twitter account, when asked whether or not the Ultimate Collector’s Edition would have the Season Pass, Tabata and Hasegawa said “Sadly, no.” Furthermore, the pair added, “We looked into making more Ulitmate Collector’s Editions but we were told we still can’t.”

Will the Ultimate collectors edition contain the season pass?
- sadly no & we looked into making more UCE but we were told we still can't.
— Final Fantasy XV (@FFXVEN) August 18, 2016

The decision to exclude the Season Pass from what has been deemed the “Ultimate” version of Final Fantasy 15 will undoubtedly be considered as a strange move on the part of Square Enix by the RPG series’ fans, as one can obtain the Season Pass from the $85 Digital Premium Edition. Plus, save for the base game, it seems as if the more money fans spend on a special version of the title, the less in-game materials they get, for like the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, the $90 physical Deluxe Edition doesn’t give players access to the Season Pass either.

Nevertheless, while Final Fantasy 15 fans who have already pre-ordered their Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the game won’t receive any of the contents of the Season Pass, they will get a bevy of trinkets and goodies. As seen in the image below, the “Ultimate” version offers all that can be had from the Deluxe Edition (the title itself, a steelbook case, and some in-game content), along with extra stuff to set the more expensive version apart with an art book, a Play Arts Kai figure of Noctis, a Blu-ray copy of the feature film Kingsglaive, and more.

Should Final Fantasy 15 fans wish to get the Ultimate Collector’s Edition as well as the Season Pass, they will have to spend an extra $25. Even though that’s the case, Square Enix has still yet to reveal exactly what will be included in the RPG’s post-launch content, so perhaps it would be best for gamers to hold off on going all-in on the Season Pass at the moment, especially if they plan on spending $270 on the Ultimate version already.

Taking all of this into consideration, most Final Fantasy 15 fans are probably going to be baffled, and perhaps a bit miffed, particularly those who have already bought their copies of the game through the Ultimate Collector’s Edition. So, bearing in mind this most recent news, along with the disappointing announcement of the RPG’s release date getting delayed almost two months from its September launch day, all fans can do at this point is sit tight and hope that Final Fantasy 15 will be worth the wait.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: FFXVEN – Twitter