Square Enix takes gamers on another trip through Final Fantasy 15′s gorgeous world with a new trailer that ditches the storytelling and instead focuses on the game’s stunning environments.

Final Fantasy 15 has gone through some changes after it was first announced a few years back. Before this, however, it used to be Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is probably its most significant change. After it became the next official sequel in the series, it overhauled the story a few times before it got to the more cohesive – yet still slightly confusing – place it is today. The one thing that has remained mostly the same is the game’s vast, beautiful world. This new trailer highlights the reason why, despite all these other changes, Final Fantasy 15‘s world has remained constant.

The trailer manages to pack a lot into a small, three minute window, showcasing several environments and locales, each vastly different. Viewers will see everything from mountainous peaks, to dense forests, and urban sprawls, but that is just the tip. There is a lot of variety and, while viewers will see many oddly familiar places, seemingly plucked right from our own universe, they will also find strange, otherworldly locations begging to be explored. The trailer adds some day and night transitions, as well as some weather effects to enrich the whole experience; the snow looks particularly lovely.

Final Fantasy XV is the story of a royal prince and his journey to restore his homeland — or something like that — but really it is, at its heart, a road trip story. There are long stretches of desolate highways, fascinating ports of call, and a vast fantasy world that will be seen through the eyes of four friends in a convertible. Of course, as with all road trips, there will be lots of adventures and plenty of hijinks, but those things take a backseat here. Instead, Square Enix is asking viewers to take in the sights and see what is offered beyond the story.

final fantasy XV environment trailer city angels

Because traveling is such an integral part of the game, an interesting world to travel through is paramount, and Square Enix is clearly making environments a priority, which, judging from the trailer, they are justly proud about. With their intentions in mind, those who are longtime fans of Final Fantasy, or even those who are taking their first leap into the series, should take a break from their expectations, kick their heels up on the dashboard, peer out the window and enjoy the scenery.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to arrive for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 30, 2016.