Final Fantasy 15 Launch Trailer Features Music By Eminem


Square Enix has released a launch trailer for Final Fantasy 15 that sets the stage with thrilling scenes from the game, accompanied by music from American rapper Eminem.

In addition to a live-action trailer, that was seriously channeling Stranger Things, Square Enix has dropped another Final Fantasy 15 trailer that goes a completely different direction. Likely an effort to appeal to a broader audience, the Final Fantasy 15 launch trailer is a tad more commercial, employing Eninem's music as a way to coax newcomers to the long-running RPG franchise.

The trailer itself is quite well-made, laying out a few of the main story points and showing off the more exciting aspects of the game; as launch trailers tend to do. In an unexpected turn, however, the back half of the Final Fantasy 15 trailer is set to the song "Fast Lane" by Eminem featuring Royce Da 5'9, which is a sentence many Final Fantasy fans probably never expected to hear.


The trailer includes plenty of shots of Noctis and his buddies cruising along in their supped up ride to accompany the music. Though, humorously, the Regalia doesn't play anything close to modern music like Eminem on its radio. Instead, it stores a large collection of music from the Final Fantasy franchise, which should please longtime fans of the series while potentially confusing newcomers who are enthralled by the launch trailer's direction.

In truth, the trailer does a fine job of establishing just what players are in for if they should decide to take the plunge and see where the world of Final Fantasy 15 takes them, even if the music is a bit unorthodox for the series.

final-fantasy-xv-regalia-cruising square enix

Those who dove in early on have reported back with very positive reviews, and only a few gripes here and there. The most common issue is the move from a more open world style of gameplay to a more linear one when entering the second half of the game. A transition that was revealed by Square Enix months ago prior to release.

Final Fantasy 15 has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a completely different game all the way back in 2006. Through countless changes and several delays, the latest entry into the popular franchise appears to be worth the wait and its launch trailer highlights why.

Looking for some help navigating the fantastical and dangerous world of Eos? Check out our Final Fantasy 15 guides.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: FFXV - Youtube

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