Final Fantasy 15 Releases New Trailer for Tokyo Game Show 2016


Square Enix releases a new trailer for Final Fantasy 15 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, showcasing new gameplay footage and the return of some familiar Final Fantasy summons.

As we inch ever closer to the November release date of Final Fantasy 15, Square Enix have been working hard to keep the hype and anticipation high for its long-awaited RPG. Ever since the game was delayed by two months, not only has the studio been using the extra time to polish the title, but a number of new gorgeous-looking screenshots and gameplay videos have also been released to appease fans. Now, with 2016's Tokyo Game Show currently underway, Square Enix have taken the opportunity to release yet another brand new trailer for Final Fantasy 15.

In contrast to a number of the recent trailers, this new four-and-a-half-minute trailer focuses primarily on the Final Fantasy 15's story line, particularly Noctis' reaction to the aftermath of the events depicted in the Kingsglaive movie. The game's female protagonist, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, also receives a share of the limelight and it appears that the character will be involved with her own battles and struggles concurrent to Noctis' storyline.

Check out the Final Fantasy 15 Tokyo Game Show trailer here:


It wasn't just all drama and story depicted in the trailer, as there were new snippets of gameplay footage as well, such as Noctis riding around on a Chocobo, some new locations, and an appearance from the flying Regalia. But perhaps the most intriguing bit of gameplay footage in the trailer was the appearance of two familiar Final Fantasy summons, Shiva and Leviathan, and it appears that players will have their hands full with Leviathan as the trailer shows Noctis and his entourage engaging battle with the giant.

The new Final Fantasy 15 trailer is a good primer for those who need to catch up on the game's decade-long story before it is finally released in a couple months time. Plus, based on the new footage, it appears that the delay has only been a good thing as it has given the development team time to really polish everything up.

Of course, it still remains to be seen whether Final Fantasy 15 will live up to the hype as one of 2016's most anticipated games. However, one thing is for sure, and it's that this impressive new trailer should at least convince some Japanese players to invest in the newly announced Final Fantasy 15 PlayStation 4 Slim bundle.

Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled for launch on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Official Final Fantasy 15 YouTube Channel

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