Final Fantasy 15 Asking Fans' Input on New Story Content


In the latest update for Final Fantasy 15, the developers at Square Enix included a brand new survey feature to the game that asks for fan feedback regarding forthcoming story content in future DLC for the RPG. The deadline for players to take part in the initiative and vote is June 30, 2017, so folks still have plenty of time in between now and then to make their voices heard, but it must be noted that the survey only allows one selection per player.

As seen in the images below, the list of possibilities as far as Final Fantasy 15's future content is concerned includes story DLC detailing Ardyn's past, the World of Ruin, and Lunafreya's activities, as well as new playable characters like Gentiana, Iris, and Cor. Furthermore, Square Enix has listed the potential for a hard mode and new upgrades for the game as well.


In addition to the freshly added survey, this month's free update for Final Fantasy 15 also includes a new recipe for stinky tofu, which was added based on a survey that polled players from Taiwan. Plus, starting on May 30, 2017, players will be able to get the "Trendy Outfit" for Noctis as a free download via the PlayStation or Xbox Game Store.

Taking all of this into consideration, it would be understandable if Square Enix didn't get around to including all of the features shown on the above survey list as DLC, especially if the fan base shows an overwhelming interest in certain aspects over others. However, the probe could simply be gauging the general interest of players in order for the developer to determine what would be the most effective release schedule for all of the listed content in order to keep Final Fantasy 15 fans coming back for more. That said, only time will tell what the future holds for the rest of FF 15's post-launch content.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GearNuke

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