Final Fantasy 15 Gets More Details on Leviathan, Skills, and Guest Characters


Square Enix shares more information about Final Fantasy 15, including a look at the Leviathan summon, unique party member skills, and guest characters.

Ever since Final Fantasy 15 was finally confirmed to have gone gold about a month ago, fans have been holding their collective breath in anticipation of the game's release, alongside a few pessimists' beliefs that the title could still be delayed in a horrific twist of fate at the last moment. Final Fantasy 15 represents a wholly different take on the time-honored franchise, and could be the difference between a number of new Final Fantasy titles hitting consoles in coming years or a quicker transition of the series toward mobile devices exclusively.

While those close to the game have already confirmed that Final Fantasy 15 has a captivating ending, it remains to be seen whether or not the title will have enough innovation and intrigue to convince gamers to stick around until its climax. Luckily, the steady stream of media releases emerging from the Square Enix camp in recent weeks has provided a lot of evidence that suggests Final Fantasy 15 will be as compelling as it looks, and today Square Enix released more detailed information about some of the game's features.

First, and perhaps most important for fans of flashy, awe-inspiring combat, Square Enix released more screenshots of the Leviathan summon as it is cast in-game. The Leviathan is actually an old hand within the world of Final Fantasy 15 at this point, having featured heavily in the first looks at the revamped game a few years ago, but the sheer scale of the creature in the new screenshots is both breath-taking and dizzying.

Square also detailed the unique skills of each party member - Noctis, for instance, will be able to fish up potential food for the party as they make camp each night, while Ignis will gradually learn how to cook new and more effective food as the journey progresses. Gladiolus' skill is called survival, and it essentially means he's the scavenger of the group, unearthing items after battle. Finally, Prompto is the photographer of the group, and his skill seems to be a little less important than the other three - although apparently as he becomes better with pictures, Prompto will unlock the ability to take selfies and use Instagram-like filters, which will likely look exceptional for those gamers playing Final Fantasy 15 on PS4 Pro.


Finally, Square Enix also showed off a few examples of guest characters as they pertain to combat. We now know for certain that Cor Leonis, general of Lucis, and Gladiolus' sister Iris will both make appearances and aid Noctis' crew while they are battling enemies.

It might not be ground-breaking information, but it's something new, which is impressive given how meticulously Final Fantasy 15 is being dissected in media. That being said, however, gamers have known for a long time now that Final Fantasy 15 is going to look really good and have some fun side features - all that's left now is to put the game to the test and see if it holds up to some of the series' all-time greats.

Final Fantasy 15 will release for PS4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2016.

Source: (via Siliconera)

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