EA Offers Final Fantasy 15 PC Early Adopters Sims 4 Outfits

final fantasy xv sims 4 llama plumbob costume pre-order

Players who pre-order games or buy them soon after their release are often rewarded by developers, typically in the form of a bonus item in-game, or with something like a theme for a console. However, Square Enix's PC pre-order bonus for buying Final Fantasy XV is unusual, to put it lightly. Square Enix is partnering with EA to bring Sims 4-themed costumes to Final Fantasy XV's Windows Edition.

Square Enix is releasing two costumes for Final Fantasy XV: One for Noctis, and one for the player's avatar in the multiplayer expansion of Final Fantasy XV. Players will be able to dress up the Final Fantasy XV characters in costumes based upon the Sims' classic Red and Purple Llama costumes, along with the iconic plumbob that floats above a controlled Sim's head. Players will be able to claim the additions for free so long as they purchase or pre-order the game prior to May 1st through Origin's game service. The outfits will be added to the game on March 8th.

final fantasy xv windows edition sims pre-order bonus

In addition to releasing the outfits to Final Fantasy XV, the Sims 4 will also be receiving some inspired getups in honor of the collaboration. Sims 4 players will be able to dress up their Sims in the Prince's Fatigues worn by Noctis in Final Fantasy XV. This perk will be added to the Sims 4 as soon as Final Fantasy XV releases for Windows.

Game collaborations are frequently seen, especially with the recent callbacks to games like Horizon Zero Dawn in Monster Hunter World. However, gamers are likely to be puzzled by this particular choice of collaboration. Since the game is being released for Windows through Origin, chances are EA saw this as an opportunity to entice players to buy the game through Origin rather than another service, like Steam, or buying a physical copy of the game. It's unclear how many people actually play both the Sims and Final Fantasy, or ever wanted such a collaboration, but in any case, free loot is always welcome.

Final Fantasy XV will release for PC on March 6th. The new costumes will be added to both the Sims 4 and Final Fantasy XV, respectively, on March 8th.

Source: Square Enix

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