The director for Square Enix’s forthcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy 15 reveals that the Season Pass will not contain all of the DLC the studio plans to offer.

According to a discussion with the Japanese press outlet Famitsu, Final Fantasy 15‘s director Hajime Tabata declares that he and his team have plans for more upcoming DLC beyond the six packages that have been previously revealed to the public, and that it will be introduced further into the post-launch future of the game. While this might come as good news to fans of the franchise who hope the release’s shelf life is extended indefinitely, it’s important to note that the RPG’s director also mentioned that these assets in particular won’t be covered by the title’s Season Pass.

Although Tabata didn’t specifically declare exactly what kind of additional content Square Enix had in mind for Final Fantasy 15, he did state that the DLCs for the Season Pass have already been plotted out, so it wouldn’t be possible for these new in-game pieces to be included in the bundle. Furthermore, the director went on to tease that some of the expansion materials could possibly include cooking recipes, costumes, and perhaps even content for the title’s virtual reality experience.

With the matter for Final Fantasy 15‘s Season Pass already being set in stone, Famitsu asked Tabata if fans would need to purchase these additional pieces of content upon their release. Regarding the query, the director said, “Yes. Should we decide on DLC that isn’t included in the Season Pass that is currently selling, then that’s how it’ll be. Although there are still many parts that are uncertain.”


At this point in time, no one from Final Fantasy 15‘s development team has revealed price points, nor has it been divulged when fans should expect the extra DLC’s release beyond the initial six packages within the Season Pass. Also, it is currently unknown as to whether or not the decision to incorporate even more expansion materials served as an additional reason for the two month delay from its release date of September 30, but that’s merely speculation.

It’s difficult to determine if this news creates a completely positive or negative situation for Final Fantasy 15 fans. On the one hand, it’s understandably frustrating for players who believed that buying the Season Pass would grant them access to all of the game’s post-launch materials, but on the other, one might be able to look at having the ability to upgrade even further down the line as a nice option.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first quandary involving Final Fantasy 15‘s Season Pass. As it happens, Square Enix revealed just last week that the game’s $270 Ultimate Collector’s Edition will lack the Season Pass. Taking all of this into consideration, a lot of fans may simply just stick with Final Fantasy 15‘s base game and avoid dealing with all of this post-launch content confusion altogether until they get a much clearer idea of all that will be offered.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Famitsu (via Destructoid, Siliconera)