Square Enix announces that the next Final Fantasy 15 Active Time Report livestream will take place on Saturday, January 30, promising to showcase new footage of battle.

The new Final Fantasy 15 details that were promised earlier have finally been given a release date, and Square Enix will be hosting a livestream on January 30 to discuss new elements of the game’s combat and gameplay mechanics. Game director Hajime Tabata and marketing director Akio Ofuji will appear during the event, which Square has promised will “showcase the latest battle footage and scenes of magic”, as well as provide updates on the March Final Fantasy 15 event that is expected to finally give the title its long-awaited release date.

The January 30 event will be streamed through Square Enix’s YouTube page, starting at 8 PM PST /11 PM EST. While a Final Fantasy 15 scan from Japanese magazine Weekly Jump recently spoiled the upcoming announcement of the world’s first serious look at the game’s magic system, fans are still eager to see more of the combat that looks to bring the Final Fantasy series back into the spotlight. Luckily, gamers don’t even have to wait as long as this coming Saturday, as Square Enix treated the community to four new Final Fantasy 15 images, as shown below.

The images tease more of the magical and stealth combat elements that look to spice up the typical combat formula of the series, which has predictably gotten stale over the years. Given that Square Enix recently announced that Final Fantasy 15 would have no difficulty settings, it’s increasingly important for the developer to offer gamers the ability to vary the way they tackle combat, and it appears the January 30 event will shed more light on how that particular nuance will be addressed.

Although Final Fantasy 15 has been in development a long time, it has only recently transitioned from speculative news to more substantive reports on what the game will feature. That’s likely a product of the fact that Final Fantasy 15 has now been playable from start to finish for a few months now, which means that the development team is more confident in releasing news about what kind of innovative qualities the game will possess. It’s been an impressive turnaround for a game that’s automatic battle system was scrapped only four months ago, and Hajime Tabata’s openness and honesty with the game’s large fanbase has helped ease fears surrounding the late changes to such crucial elements.

Of course, the most important news about Final Fantasy 15 will still be when fans finally get a concrete release date to pin their collective hopes on. While we know that Final Fantasy 15 is definitely going to release in 2016, exactly when has been the subject of a lot of debate. The January 30 Active Time Report event will help Square Enix build some more hype, but the real question remains to be answered: will gamers get to play as Noctis in friends this summer, or will the wait be longer still?

Final Fantasy 15 is currently scheduled for a 2016 release, and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter (via GameSpot)