Final Fantasy 15 gameplay footage leaks, and shows a dream sequence in the game featuring a younger version of Noctis as well as the Carbuncle summon.

Later today, Square Enix is hosting a live stream for Final Fantasy 15. All we know about the live stream so far is that it will officially reveal the game’s release date, but now some footage has leaked online, perhaps indicating some additional announcements Square Enix has in store for Final Fantasy 15 today. Unofficially, we know that Final Fantasy 15 releases September 30th, according to a new leak.

The footage was originally leaked by Chinese video service Youku, and shows a younger version of Final Fantasy 15‘s protagonist Noctis. It seems to be a dream sequence, wherein Noctis collects glowing orbs while running through strange environments, including what appears to be a giant version of a modern day child’s bedroom.

Noctis is not alone in the leaked footage. In it, he is joined by Final Fantasy series summon Carbuncle, which presumably means that Carbuncle will be one of Final Fantasy 15‘s summons. It’s possible that this strange dream sequence is how players will acquire the Carbuncle summon in-game, or alternatively, it could just be a quirky side quest or plot point in Final Fantasy 15‘s 50 hour campaign.

See the leaked footage of the young Noctis dream sequence from Final Fantasy 15 right here:

Right now, it’s not entirely clear if this leaked footage was meant to debut later today or at some point later on. After all, the biggest news Square Enix has planned for today’s Final Fantasy 15 event is revealing its release date. With the game having been in development for a decade, most people will probably focus on whatever its release date ends up being, meaning information like what this dream sequence entails could get overshadowed.

Another possible announcement today could be that Final Fantasy 15 is coming to PC. It’s been rumored in the past that Square Enix is indeed prepping the game to launch on PC in addition to home consoles, and an official confirmation today could also distract from this footage. Perhaps today’s Final Fantasy 15 live stream will be larger than initially anticipated, and Square Enix will allow for plenty of time to explain exactly what players are seeing in the Noctis dream sequence, while also giving the other big news items planned for today plenty of space to breathe.

We’ll find out if the leaked Final Fantasy 15 footage was originally intended for today’s presentation when the live stream kicks off at 7pm Pacfic. In the meantime, speculate away about what this young Noctis dream sequence could mean for Final Fantasy 15‘s story, and the significance of the Carbuncle summon accompanying Noctis during this particular moment in the game.

Final Fantasy 15 apparently releases September 30, 2016 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot