Final Fantasy 15 Release Date Officially Moved to November


Following reports that the long-gestating Final Fantasy 15 is to be delayed, Square Enix confirms the reports and announces a new release date of November 29 for the upcoming RPG.

With less than two months to go before the scheduled September 30 release date of Final Fantasy XV, gamers were undoubtedly rubbing their hands in anticipation as the decade-long wait for the upcoming RPG reaches its end. However, following the circulation of new rumors about the title being delayed, Square Enix have now confirmed that the rumors are in fact true, and gamers will indeed have to wait a little longer for the game.

In a new statement issued out by the developer, Final Fantasy XV's release date has been delayed by two months and the game will now be released globally on November 29. This new delay will certainly test the patience of gamers who have been diligently following the title's troubled decade-long development period, and to explain the situation, director Hajime Tabata has issued out a new video to explain the reasons behind this latest release date change.

In the video, Tabata states that while work on the master version of Final Fantasy XV is complete, there were still a few outstanding issues that necessitated the need for a day one patch. However, the development team quickly realized that the scope of work required was far too much for a patch, and a decision was made to delay Final Fantasy XV in order to give the team enough time to polish the title to the highest possible quality.

Those interested in watching Tabata's video in its entirety can do so here:


In addition to explaining the reasons behind the latest delay, Tabata also revealed in the video that Final Fantasy XV will make an appearance at this year's gamescom event, despite rumors of Sony skipping the conference. While the final product has been delayed by two additional months, Tabata stated that gamers will be able to try out a playable version of the game at the Gamescom event, something that will certainly appease frustrated fans.

Tabata concludes the video with an apology, but not before dropping a tidbit about possibly bringing patches and additional DLC to the game, though nothing specific was revealed. Aside from confirmed playable party DLC episodes, the extent of Final Fantasy XV's post-launch support is not yet known, though rumors have been circulating that the game will be getting a DLC season pass, which suggests that Square Enix may have some ambitious plans for additional content.

This latest two month delay is undoubtedly a setback for Square Enix and the title, but given the game's well-documented development period, two months is a mere blip in the grand scheme of things. In the meantime before the title is finally released, fans can get their Final Fantasy XV fix when the upcoming tie-in film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is released in a few weeks time.

Final Fantasy 15 is scheduled to launch on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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