According to circulating rumors, the release of publisher and developer Square Enix’s forthcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy 15 could be delayed.

According to a report from Gamenesia, Final Fantasy 15‘s September 30 release date is getting pushed back nearly a full two months until November 29. The press outlet stated that a source from the retailer GameStop’s management confirmed as much, with an official statement from Square Enix arriving as early as this coming Monday.

Apparently, Gamenesia’s GameStop source revealed that Final Fantasy 15 promotional materials with the new date have arrived at some stores instructing locations that they are not to be displayed until after Sunday, August 14. The press outlet went on to defend the accuracy and reliability of its source’s information by bringing up their previously shared details of leaked release dates and trade-in deals for the New Nintendo 3DS, in addition to the actual launch date for Star Wars Battlefront.

Should these details about Final Fantasy 15‘s potentially delayed release date be true, it wouldn’t be the first time that the long-in-development title has been pushed back during the development process. As many fans of the franchise may recall, the RPG was originally titled Final Fantasy Versus 13 and was announced ten years ago at E3 2006 as a PlayStation 3 title, only to be delayed indefinitely and officially re-announced with the changed title of Final Fantasy 15 for PS4 in 2014.


There’s no telling what could have possibly caused the developers at Square Enix to push back Final Fantasy 15 yet again, but it’s safe to say that if it does go on to be delayed once more, plenty of fans are going to be disappointed, and it could result in some gamers cancelling their physical and digital pre-orders out of frustration. Of course, even though the prospect of having to wait even longer for the RPG to release is dispiriting, postponing a game is always the right choice to make instead of releasing it full of problems.

Final Fantasy 15 was easily one of the best RPGs shown at E3 2016, so it’s important for Square Enix to deliver a stellar product after having presented the game in such a grandiose fashion at this year’s Electronics Entertainment Expo. If a delay of its release date is necessary to surpass, or at the very least meet fans’ lofty expectations, the gaming world will surely forgive the studio for having to endure a longer wait, even with it having been in development for nearly a decade.

As of writing, Square Enix has not confirmed or made any mention of Final Fantasy 15‘s possible delay. In the meantime, fans will have to sit tight until the studio denies or corroborates the rumors, and hope that the original September release date remains intact.

Final Fantasy 15 is currently and officially scheduled to launch on September 30, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but its release date may be subject to change.

Source: Gamenesia (via GameSpot)