Final Fantasy 15 Poster Parodies Red Dead 3 Teaser Image


Final Fantasy 15's developers hop aboard the Red Dead Redemption hype train by parodying Rockstar Games' teaser image for the potential sequel to the popular western title.

For the uninitiated, Rockstar Games released what many believe to be a Red Dead Redemption sequel tease over the weekend by putting out an image of its iconic logo imposed in front of a stark red backdrop reminiscent of the open world western title's artistic style. Soon after this unexpected teaser, just today, the revered game developer took to its Twitter yet again to reveal what appears to be concept art for the RDR follow-up, which depicts seven characters' silhouettes against a minimalist painting of a sunrise.

With this being the case, the gaming world has collectively shifted into full hype mode for what seems to be an imminent announcement from Rockstar Games about another Red Dead release, and Square Enix's developers for Final Fantasy 15 have decided to join in on the anticipation for the title as well. As it happens, the studio behind the forthcoming role-playing game have put out a Final Fantasy 15 poster that parodies Red Dead 3's teaser image that was released.

As seen in the image below (as well as in the header of the article above), Square Enix's concept artists threw together a picture that stands in as a perfect parallel to Rockstar's Red Dead still, with the only real difference being the former putting in Final Fantasy 15's party members of Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto in place of the latter's prospective characters. Beyond the picture operating as a reference to the Red Dead series, it also works as a fabulous desktop background image.


Much like the potential follow-up to Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy 15 is easily one of the most eagerly awaited titles in recent memory. As a matter of fact, many deem Square Enix's RPG to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2016, especially considering the nearly decade long development process that it has been through.

Of course, Final Fantasy 15's official launch almost got pushed back for the umpteenth time and out of 2016 entirely after what appears to be its final release date delay, which has it set to come out in November of this year. However, it's still possible that Square Enix decides to postpone it once more in order to make it as perfect as possible, but doing so would obviously alienate fans who have been patiently waiting for it to drop.

At any rate, it's safe to say that plenty of people are not only excited about the impending launch of Final Fantasy 15, but also for whatever Rockstar Games has to say about the state of the Red Dead franchise. So, taking into consideration Square Enix's decision to release its Final Fantasy 15 version of the teaser image for the likely sequel in the western game series, it's a safe bet to make that the RPG's developers are big fans of Red Dead too.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Final Fantasy XV — Twitter

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