Final Fantasy 15: The 10 Craziest Random Encounters You Probably Missed

Throughout your adventures in Final Fantasy XV you’ll come across a number of monsters and mechanical foes who will randomly appear in an attempt to ruin your day. Some are generic fights that are little more than a nuisance while on the road, others are rare encounters that can net a ton of experience, and others function as veritable boss fights.

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Here are either the rarest or most random encounters you’ll experience in FFXV and some tips on how to improve your chances of experiencing them for yourself.

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10 Ma-X Maniple

While you do face this enemy in Chapter 3, having it appear in a random encounter is another event entirely. The only way to find one outside of the standard quests is to have it drop from a Magitek Engine in the open world.

Your odds of getting a Magitek Engine to appear are higher when the sun is out in the open world. Apart from that it’s just a matter of grinding these encounters until a Ma-X Maniple drops. They drop Laser Sensors that go for 500 gil or the rare Assist Suits that are worth 1,500 gil and improve HP, Strength, and Vitality.

9 Ma Veles-Bis

This is another enemy that can spawn with a Magitek Engine, so once again you need to be in the open world when the sun is shining. This model isn’t as common as Ma-X Maniple and a bit tougher to fight.

If you can take one down it has a chance of dropping Dynamo which goes for 900 Gil making it much more profitable to farm. Their rare drop is a Tempered Shield which fetches less than an Assist Suit at 1,000 gil, but provides a hefty bonus to HP and Vitality.

8 Tonberry

These bizarre little creatures make an occasional appearance on the Cleigne roads at night. It appears timid and slow, but it’s a ploy to draw enemies close so it can quickly gut them with its kitchen knife. If you intend to go hunting for these creatures be aware they also deal fire based attacks so be prepared for Burnt status effect.

They have only one drop and it’s rare, the White Choker. This is an accessory item that improves HP recovery rate by 2% which can be handy in the early parts of the game. It’ll take some grinding to find these daemons and even more grinding to get this item to drop.

7 Iron Giants

Iron Giants are another daemon that spawns at night and are more common than Tonberries. So odds are you’ll find a few of these before encountering a Tonberry. It’s a large foe with a giant blade that can quickly destroy you in the early parts of the game so either avoid traveling at night or be prepared to run if you come across one.

When you’re strong enough these are great enemies to farm thanks to lots of experience points and the rare drop Hi-Elixir. Hi-Elixir restores full health, restores all lowered max HP, all MP and removes stasis and danger status effects.

6 Red Giants

You’ll find Red Giants at night anywhere in the world, but they’ll only appear after you’ve killed an Iron Giant. These red behemoths are much stronger than their iron counterparts and employ fire and gravity-based attacks. They are tough enemies to face.

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If you can bring one down they have a somewhat rare chance of dropping a Mega-Potion. The Mega-Potion restores all health points and removes the status effect Danger for the entire party. This is an incredible item to have, though you may need one to bring one of these brutes down so wait till you’re powerful before grinding them.

5 Gigantoads

Gigantoads are unique on this list as they can only be encountered if it’s raining during the day. Once they spawn they make an absolute racket so don’t worry about missing one if it appears. These enormous amphibians can be tough in the early to mid-game, but are a great enemy to farm later on.

They drop Slimy Oil that sells for 210 gil and Gigantoad Steak which is used in the recipes Toadsteak Drumsticks, Croaker In Brown Sauce, and Hot Hopper Skewers. All great food items and very handy in battle.

4 Ma-X Patria

Ma-X Patria is another enemy that drops from Magitek Engines, but is rare to encounter and much harder to fight. The same rules of being in the open world in the sunshine apply, but fans have had more luck wandering north of Hammerhead by Weaverwilds.

Its primary drop is a Hydraulic Cylinder which fetches for a hefty 1,600 gil and the rare drop is a Magitek Core which sells for a whopping 25,000 gil. The odds of getting a Magitek Core is rare considering the drop is rare and the enemy itself is rare, but it’s game-changing when it does happen.

3 Cactuar

The Cactuar is one of the weakest enemies on this list, but it’s a prickly pinata and finding one is reason to celebrate. They’re rare and only appear in specific areas in Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne and once you see one you won't see another for 15 minutes.

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It’s an easy fight for lots of experience points, but what you really want to hunt this creature for are the Oracle Ascension Coins it drops. These Coins can be exchanged for the powerful Megalixir that heals HP and MP for the party, Auto Parts, and many helpful accessories.

2 Slactuar

The Slactuar is a lighter colored version of the Cactuar and even more rare than the Cactuar, which is saying something considering the Cactuar is itself rare. Other than that it’s pretty much the same as it’s greener cousin, they same stats, the same experience points, everything.

The major difference is the drop, instead of Oracle Ascension Coins they drop Cactuar needle which sells for a measly 50 gil. While that is unfortunate, the hefty 3,333 experience points it gives you is well worth the effort of fighting these creatures, you'll just find yourself cursing when a Slactuar appears instead of a Cactuar.

1 Ma-X Angelus-0

If you’re looking for endgame random encounters to farm, this is the one. The Ma-X Angelus-0 is for all intents and purposes a boss that randomly appears only if you’ve beaten all the other models and are currently in Chapter 15 of the story.

This thing is a beast with lots of health and beefy lightening attacks. If you can take down this level 99 enemy you’re in for an absolute treat. It gives you 22,108 experience points, commonly drops Magitek Suits which gives a huge boost to HP, Strength, and Vitality or you can get the rare drop, a Magitek Suit V2 which is a superpowered version of the regular Magitek Suit and sells for 5,000 gil.

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