Final Fantasy 15 Will Have PlayStation 4 Pro Support


Final Fantasy 15 game director Hajime Tabata confirms that the upcoming JRPG will support the PlayStation 4 Pro platform and look better at launch on that console.

As Final Fantasy 15 begins its final stages of development in anticipation of the game's late November launch date, fans have been asking director Hajime Tabata more questions about the technical support behind the new title. It was recently confirmed that Final Fantasy 15 will have HDR support on Xbox One S, and with that announcement came a new concern for gamers on a different platform - would Final Fantasy 15 also have the same support on the PlayStation 4 Pro, or would Microsoft have a graphics edge at the game's launch?

With the team at Square Enix has been busy of late demonstrating the Final Fantasy 15 game engine and world building elements, Tabata's answer regarding PS4 Pro support and what that feature would entail has been slightly delayed. Today, however, those planning to own Sony's next-gen PS4 can collectively breathe a sigh of relief, as Tabata confirmed in an interview with French website Gameblog that Final Fantasy 15 will definitely have PS4 Pro support at launch.

According to Tabata, the development team behind Final Fantasy 15 only became aware of the plans for a PS4 Pro console not too long ago, and as a result they haven't had time to fully take advantage of the new hardware. Tabata stated that, because of Final Fantasy 15 launch preparations, Square hasn't been able to show "satisfying" demonstrations of the game's enhanced graphics on the PS4 Pro, and has instead focused on other things while putting the final touches on one of the 2016 holiday season's most anticipated games.

Fans might remember, however, that Final Fantasy 15 did receive a PS4 Pro demo already during the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year. Tabata said that the version they demonstrated there was made specifically for that event and focused only on enhancing the game's cosmetics without improving the game itself. Tabata also confirmed that the final Pro version of Final Fantasy 15 will have even more changes and that the PS4 Pro Final Fantasy 15 experience will be noticeably and visually superior.


Now that there is confirmation of a clear visual upgrade for Final Fantasy 15 on the PS4 Pro, Sony and Square will both have to wait to see if the announcement influences both the game and the console's launch sales, especially in Japan. While there's still a month to go before gamers can decide whether or not Final Fantasy 15 has lived up to the hype, one thing is now certain - Final Fantasy 15 is going to look suitably gorgeous no matter what console gamers play it on.

Final Fantasy 15 will release on November 29, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Gameblog (via Nova Crystalis)

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