Final Fantasy 15 Panel Explains How Prompto's Photography Works


Several months ago, the developers at Square Enix revealed that Final Fantasy 15 would feature a Prompto panel at this year's GDC in order to discuss the character, the role-playing game's auto-snapshot feature, and how to create an "emotional" artificial intelligence. Now, recorded footage from the 2017 Game Developers Conference session has been posted online, which features Square Enix's party AI lead designer Prasert Prasertvithyakarn describing the creation of the title's photo system and the details of which its comprised.

As seen below in the video covering all of the aforementioned Final Fantasy 15 features, the special panel was called "Prompto’s Facebook: How a Buddy-AI Auto-Snapshots Your Adventure in FFXV," which is a mouthful to say the least. Nevertheless, Prasertvithyakarn manages to pack in a lot of interesting tidbits regarding the thought process behind the feature's implementation, as well as the technical details involved in making it work within the game.

For those unaware, Prompto's auto-snapshot style has been one of the most talked-about features in a video game in quite some time, but while many were impressed by the way it worked in the game, some wanted to be able to take pictures on their own. With that being the case, Final Fantasy 15 added a photo feature in an update after the role-playing game's launch in November, as Square Enix eventually let players snap shots outside of battle, with Prompto still maintaining his shutterbug tendencies during combat.

Of course, while Prompto's auto-photo feature in Final Fantasy 15 is decidedly an fantastic creation, as it allows the game to take over and surprise fans with perspectives of the game they never thought of before, the concept of taking selfies in video games isn't really all that new. For instance, players have been able to use the camera on their phones in Grand Theft Auto 5 to either capture a photo of what's in front of them or even to turn the lens on themselves.

Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see if other developers take notes from Final Fantasy 15 and begin to include more side characters with a photographer's eye. If anything, there's definitely a lot of promise in refining the feature to make it even more palatable for fans.

Final Fantasy 15 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GDC – YouTube

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