Rumors that Final Fantasy 15 would be released on PC have been circulating ever since the game launched on consoles late last year. The game’s publisher Square Enix teased a PC release with an Nvidia tech test several months ago and although no official announcements were made at the time, fans remained hopeful that it would come to the platform.

Now, those fan prayers have been answered. At Gamescom 2017, it has been confirmed that Final Fantasy 15 will be coming to PC in early 2018. The PC release of the game will be called Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition and will include all of the free updates and paid-for downloadable content that players on PS4 and Xbox One have been enjoying.

Final Fantasy 15 has gotten a sweltering amount of post-launch support and is currently testing a multiplayer mode as well. This should mean that PC players will get to experience that multiplayer content as well.

Moreover, Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition will include support for 4K and HDR displays. The PC version of the game has even been described as “the most beautiful and highest quality version of Final Fantasy 15” by Square Enix executive Hajime Tabata.

Tabata explains that this version of the game is created with a new version of the Luminous game engine and it will also use some Nvidia tech as well. With Nvidia’s help, grass, hair, light, smoke, shadows and fire should all look better than they do on consoles. For those who plan to take lots of photos of Prompto and the boys, Nvidia’s Ansel photography tech should help to improve that too.

Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be available via Steam, Origin and the Windows Store when it launches next year, but the company has yet to reveal a price or the minimum requirements for the game. As Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition will include all of the content from the game’s paid-for season pass, those eager to get the game on PC can probably expect it to set them back by quite a bit.

Likewise, as Final Fantasy 15 on PC offers so many graphic improvements and is running several bits of Nvidia tech in order to make those happen, those with weaker desktops may find themselves unable to run the game well. Square Enix should clarify things over the coming weeks and months, though, so watch this space.

Final Fantasy 15: Windows Edition releases in early 2018 on PC. Final Fantasy 15 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.