Final Fantasy 15 Patch Makes Hour-Long Boss Fight Very Easy

final fantasy 15 ring of lucii adamantoise

It's been less than a day since Final Fantasy 15's Chapter 13 update patch went live, but it looks like players have already found some highly exploitable items within the changes that Square Enix has made. The update was meant to increase the playability of the much-maligned Chapter 13, offering gamers the chance to play as Gladiolus and Ignis during parts of the level while also significantly buffing the Ring of the Lucii item. While nobody thinks the buff hasn't made Chapter 13 more enjoyable, however, it might be just a little too strong now - as evidenced in a video that shows Noctis obliterating the Adamantoise boss in under thirty seconds.

For those unfamiliar, Final Fantasy 15's Adamantoise boss fight is an end-game, optional battle that features the game's toughest enemy, at least in terms of health pool. The fight is less of a skill-intensive button masher and more of a marathon, as Adamantoise typically takes gamers over an hour to kill. In a video filmed by Nova Crystallis, however, one player demonstrates the new power of the Ring of the Lucii, using two different spells in separate examples to fell the mighty Adamantoise effortlessly.

Although both kills on Adamantoise are unabashedly epic, it's hard to imagine that Square Enix intended to create a weapon that essentially invalidates a huge draw to Final Fantasy 15's late game. The Ring of the Lucii was previously barely an afterthought to most post-game players, but it appears that philosophy will change quickly if the update's changes to the item are final.

The Chapter 13 update, which precedes the Episode Gladiolus DLC by one day, also saw some significant changes to the way Final Fantasy 15's story plays out. The patch fleshes out Ignis and Gladiolus' roles during the exploration of Niflheim, and offers some deeper insight into what happens to the Emperor of Niflheim and his kingdom.

Still, it appears the most significant change Square Enix has made with the Chapter 13 update is one very few people were expecting. While it wouldn't be a surprise to see the Ring of the Lucii be watered down in another future patch, those looking for more exciting magic than Final Fantasy 15 offered before should take the chance to enjoy one of the most powerful items the game has ever seen.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. The Episode Gladiolus DLC releases tomorrow, March 28, 2017.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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