The latest update for the most recent entry in Square Enix’s long-running role-playing game franchise, Final Fantasy 15, improves the frame rate on PlayStation 4 Pro to 60 FPS.

While one of the more recent announcements regarding future plans for Final Fantasy 15 didn’t seem like it would be bringing much to the table other than allowing fans to put a Cup Noodle helmet on the JRPG’s protagonist Noctis, Square Enix has now put out a fresh patch for the game that brings a bevy of useful changes. As it happens, the publisher and developer has now made the new update available today, and it introduces an increased frame rate mode to the popular role-playing game, which will allow for a max cap of 60 FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro consoles.

As reported by Destructoid, the latest patch not only offers fans playing the title on PlayStation 4 Pro a chance to experience enhanced visuals, but also the update known as version 1.05 incorporates some limited-time quests to Final Fantasy 15 and raises the level cap to 120. Not to mention, players will also be able to snap a lot more photos using Prompto’s camera with the roll having been expanded to 200, fans now have the ability to listen to tunes while riding on the back of a Chocobo with a music player, and the update brings about the end of the the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.


Back in November, Final Fantasy 15‘s publisher and developer, Square Enix, had reportedly said that this particular update would offer support in the form of two modes, with one doing its best to target a 1080p resolution and 60 FPS frame rate, and another one aiming for 4K / 30FPS. However, it’s not fully clear as to whether or not these targets are being reached with this new update, as Square Enix has yet to confirm the resolution or frame rate post-patch.

In addition to Final Fantasy 15‘s patch to provide better graphical enhancements for the PlayStation 4 Pro and all of the other aforementioned features, the game’s developers have also put out its Booster Pack+ DLC today. The expansion includes three new items for players with Ragnarok (a one-handed sword with lots of power), Dragon Drain (a fishing rod that makes fish easier to catch by slowing them down), and Avior (a reel that pulls fish in with “greater strength”). Square Enix has said that a free content update plainly known as Booster Pack is set to launch at a later, unconfirmed date.

Taking all of this into consideration, Square Enix definitely seems to be ready for the long-haul when it comes to Final Fantasy 15‘s post-launch support, as the company is surely turning its attention toward the development and release of more content packages. First up will be the Gladiolus DLC and some alterations to Chapter 13 with an update toward the end of March, with the focus then surely shifting onto the recently revealed 4-player co-op multiplayer mode DLC that also adds character creation. Perhaps once Final Fantasy 15‘s development team is finished putting out all of the updates for the game on console, a “Game of the Year” edition will be put out that will also be available as a PC release, as director Hajime Tabata wants to see the game on personal computers.

Final Fantasy 15 is out now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.