Final Fantasy 15 and NieR To Have a Link


Square Enix announces a link between Final Fantasy 15 and the upcoming NieR: Automata, which will allow players in one game to access a weapon from the other.

RPG fans who are delving into Final Fantasy 15 – but also eagerly awaiting the launch of NieR: Automata – will have a nice surprise awaiting them when they eventually tackle Platinum Games' title, which is slated to release early next year. Square Enix has just confirmed an official tie-in between both Final Fantasy 15 and NieR, and while it might not make a lot of sense in terms of canonical lore, fans of either game are unlikely to get upset with the prospect of (presumably) free content.

As it turns out, those playing Nier: Automata will be able to use the Engine Blade, which is the sword of Final Fantasy 15 protagonist Prince Noctis. Should players equip the sword to Android 2B, they'll immediately notice that the dodge effects and damage effects will both mimic the Final Fantasy style, which adds a nice bit of polish to the crossover content. It's currently unknown if the sword will change anything in terms of gameplay, but for the time being it looks like a purely cosmetic item.

Final Fantasy 15 NieR: Automata Crossover

So far, it's unknown how players will be able to find the Engine Blade in the world of NieR: Automata, where androids wage constant war against a horde of mechanical invaders. However players end up acquiring the cosmetic sword likely won't make a lot of sense in terms of the game's plot, which in the case of NieR: Automata comes in at a daunting size. That being said, the developers have stated that the game will be relatively welcoming to newcomers, so RPG fans who haven't played the original NieR should still be able to jump into the fray somewhat easily.

It looks like the tie-in is a one way street, as we haven't heard any confirmation about any NieR: Automata objects being found in the Final Fantasy 15 universe. Either way, it's evident that gamers are already enjoying what Prince Noctis' sword can do based on the first reviews of Final Fantasy 15, and we've compiled a few guides to help those who are picking up their copy today: for those looking at how to find the airship, make some quick cash, or even just master the basics of gameplay, we've got it covered.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. NieR: Automata is scheduled for a February 23, 2017 release on PC and PS4. Depending on how well NieR: Automata sells, there's also a chance that the title could join Final Fantasy 15 on the Xbox One, too.

Source: VG 24/7

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