Developer Square Enix shows off a few of the character customization screen options for Final Fantasy 15‘s upcoming 4-player co-op multiplayer mode DLC.

Although Square Enix hasn’t spoken much about its plans for Final Fantasy 15’s multiplayer mode, now that the main game has been out for a while it appears the veil is slowly coming off. This week, for example, Square offered its first look at the character creation tool for Final Fantasy 15, which appears quite limited at the moment.

For those who might not be familiar, Final Fantasy 15’s multiplayer mode is said to offer a 4-player cooperative experience. Whether that means a full campaign built for multiplayer, or a spin-off of the main game with 4 players, is unclear, but the potential is certainly there.

Unlike the main game, however, players will seemingly be able to craft their own playable character, using a number of customization options. As the below screen (via DualShockers) illustrates, there will be options to manipulate a character’s height, head size, and muscles in-game, but most presume the customization will expand far beyond that.

final fantasy 15 character creation screen

And for those curious, Square Enix does suggest that the multiplayer character created using the tool can be used in the single player campaign, but the developers are not willing to give a full answer just yet. Since Prince Noctis is the focus and playable character of Final Fantasy 15’s main story, it might be odd to see a different character in his stead, but perhaps Square can find a unique justification for Noctis’ new look. Or the studio could ignore it altogether and have Noctis “sub in” during cutscenes.

In all likelihood, the multiplayer for Final Fantasy 15 is in an early development stage. As most know, Square’s focus right now is on delivering new story DLC starring Gladio and improvements to the core game that include a revamp of Chapter 13. Once those two pieces are out – Episode Gladiolus is slated to release on March 28th – then the attention will likely shift to the multiplayer.

It may seem like Square Enix is adding a lot of content to Final Fantasy 15 that should have been available at launch, but that’s apparently all a part of the plan. According to Final Fantasy 15 Director Hajime Tabata, adding content that expands the core game will become the new norm for development moving forward. Things like multiplayer modes, story details, and even cutscenes will be added after the fact. Of course that’s only his vision.

For now, fans will likely have to wait until after the story DLC to hear more on the multiplayer mode, but at least they know Square Enix hasn’t forgotten about it. And hopefully by the time it does release, there will be a few more options.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.