Some Final Fantasy 15 players were surely thrown when Square Enix announced a multiplayer mode for the single-players RPG, while others have warmly embraced the idea. Either camp can potentially check out the multiplayer mode today, when the game will host a closed beta for the feature.

Square Enix is hosting the closed beta on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 from August 3 through August 8. Players who want to engage in this new content will need to meet three basic requirements.

Final Fantasy 15 Comrades Multiplayer Beta

The first thing they’ll need is a copy of Final Fantasy 15That’s a no-brainer, and we imagine most of those interested in beta testing already have this part down.

Next, testers are required to own the game’s Season Pass. This can be purchased through either the Xbox Live Marketplace or the PlayStation Store. Already own it? Swell. If not, and you’re still interested in early access to multiplayer, then you’re basically looking at $24.99 beta access. Bear in mind that the pass includes all of the previously released DLC, as well as some upcoming content, such as Ignis’ solo episode. It’s a good value overall.

Finally, aspiring testers will need to be subscribed to either Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. Since these subscriptions are pretty standard for most who own the systems, it shouldn’t be that much of hurdle.

Neither beta is live at the time of writing this, but the beta’s page in both stores can be viewed for details on the new content and more information concerning its launch. There’s one for the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. Players can also begin preparing for the beta by installing it now. It’s available to download in both stores.

The upcoming multiplayer mode, called Comrades, will allow players to customize avatars with various clothing and weapons. They will then join up to three other players, where they will engage in quests with full storylines. Given that Final Fantasy 15 was a single-player experience, it’s a big shift for those who played the main game. The jury is still out on multiplayer, but the beta will definitely give some insight into the mode’s potential. Hopefully, it’s a blast to play.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.