Having sold over one million units, Sony’s PlayStation VR headset has been a rip-roaring success and so it only made sense for it to be at E3 2017 in a big way. What few expected though, was the announcement of Final Fantasy 15 fishing DLC for the headset.

In a teaser trailer at the big event, Sony officially unveiled Final Fantasy 15′s Monster of the Deep. This is no ordinary fishing game, as some of these catches have some seriously grizzly scales that would put Magikarp Jump to shame. Noctis will be able to catch some smaller fish as well as humungous beasts, with the video teasing a writhing sea serpent and a giant leaping monster with a giant maw to match. That same sea creature can also be seen leaping towards Noctis’ face too, which is set to give PlayStation VR users a real jump scare if they aren’t expecting it.

The trailer was only made up of in-development footage, but it also briefly featured some sort of scan feature. The scanner’s full capabilities are unclear, and it’s unknown if it will only show players Monster of the Deep‘s smaller fishes so that they still get a fright when the larger monsters show up.

As many fans will agree, this certainly is not the Final Fantasy 15 announcement that they were expecting. Sony used its E3 2016 press conference to announce a Final Fantasy 15 VR experience, true, but few could have predicted that the popular RPG would also get a virtual reality fishing add-on.

Most fans seem stunned by the announcement and it’s difficult to gauge whether people are on board or whether they will pass it by. There are already plenty of jokes about ‘Fishing Fantasy‘ and that Noctis is taking a break to crack a cold one open with the boys, and clearly Monster of the Deep does seem to offer the same shareworthy qualities as Final Fantasy 15‘s selfies.

Both the selfies and this new fishing DLC seem quite ridiculous on paper, and as the Sea of Thieves banana meme showed, sometimes this can be enough for people to take interest in a game. But whether that will translate to downloads and even purchases of the PlayStation VR headset is unclear for now.

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Final Fantasy 15 Monster of the Deep will be released in September, 2017 for PlayStation VR.