Square Enix has officially revealed when the Monster of the Deep VR experience for Final Fantasy 15 will be made available. The content is set to make its debut worldwide on November 21, almost one year after the base game released in 2016.

While the concept of a VR spin-off of Final Fantasy 15 is sure to excite fans of the Square Enix franchise, it’s important to point out that this experience is built off a small piece of the main game’s gameplay: the fishing mini-game. Monster of the Deep allows players to head out on a fishing trip with Noctis and the rest of the gang, scouring some of the lush locations from Final Fantasy 15 for beastly underwater creatures. There’s a story mode that pits players against the titular monster, as well as a free-fishing mode that goes at a more relaxed pace.

There’s a mix between realistic fishing action and more outlandish scenarios — such as a creature who will leap from the water and up onto the shore to engage the player. Locations including wetlands, seashores, reservoirs, and tropics are all available to extend out the trip.

final fantasy monster of the deep

Players will be able to create their own avatar for the adventure, using the same character creation system that will be used in the game’s online expansion pack, Comrades. Photos taken by Prompto and avatar icons used throughout the experience will reflect the player’s chosen appearance.

There seems to be a decent amount of depth to the fishing component of the game. Square Enix promises a whole host of different equipment, ranging from rods, reels, lures, and lines, as well as tournaments that see competitors compete online to catch the biggest possible fish with professional scoring.

The studio also announced a pre-order bonus for the game for anyone who grabs the title from the PlayStation Store from August 23. The incentive comprises of a Monster of the Deep dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4, as well as a special Samurai outfit to wear in-game.

Final Fantasy 15: Monster of the Deep releases for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on November 21.