Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How to Make Money Fast


Game Rant takes a look at how to generate a lot of cash quickly in Final Fantasy 15, a process which involves photography, monster hunting, treasure, and carrots.

Now that Final Fantasy 15 is set to release tomorrow, gamers everywhere are pre-downloading the 50 GB fantasy epic to their hard drives. As those who give the game a spin will soon see, Noctis Caelum may be a Prince, but that doesn't mean money (or in this case, Gil) will be easy to come by as he adventures across the land with his tight-knit group of friends.

To that end, we've compiled a guide that shows a few of the fastest ways that gamers can make money in Final Fantasy 15. We hope it helps deepen the coffers of those struggling to afford any of those delicious high-resolution meals that the game has to offer.

Without further ado, here are four ways to make money fast in Final Fantasy 15:


Prince Noctis and company fight monsters large and small across Final Fantasy 15, and this becomes a great way to quickly earn some cash. Monsters can be found seemingly everywhere around the world, so every town and roadside stop along the way will have a variety of hunting contracts which players can now partake in. By speaking to the owner of most restaurants, players can begin some lucrative combat missions which, while mostly rewarding Gil, sometimes come with additional treasure in tow.

Players can only accept one contract a time, and some hunting contract comes with ranking requirements too. Players can increase their ranking by completing contracts, although it should be noted that each contract has a recommended level. Ambitious players who go for the big bucks too early will quickly find themselves overwhelmed by strong opponents, so we'd recommend that players following along with what gets suggested for their level.

Final Fantasy 15 Carrot Farming

Farming Carrots

It looks like No Man's Sky isn't the only game to join the farming train this week, as carrot farming is one of the surprisingly profitable activities players can partake in. Players will unlock the ability to grow carrots after they acquire a cabin in Cape Caem somewhere along the story, and can then get themselves some carrot seeds from an NPC. These can then be planted in the tilled soil found near the cabin.

Once players have planted their seed, they can rest overnight and check the carrot growth in the morning. If some have taken sprout, they can be harvested for a hefty profit of 500 Gil per carrot. While that's a great rate of return, it's best to be patient: leaving the carrots in the ground even longer will increase the chances of even more gold-getting orange veggies sprouting up.

After harvesting a fresh crop of carrots, players will have to wait some time before planting again. Taking the batch of carrots to the restaurant owner standing by the tree will trigger the 500 Gil-per-carrot transaction, although it doesn't always have to be about the Gil: Players can trade four carrots for a random weapon, three carrots for random auto parts, or two carrots for a tasty Ulwaat berry.

Selling Treasure

It's no surprise that one of the fastest ways to earn money is to sell treasure, although players should put some food for thought into this before emptying out their stock. Treasures are a vital process of the spell crafting process, so gamers should always double check each piece of treasure before they sell it to take a look at how that treasure is effecting their spells. Provided that the treasure isn't significantly impacting something important, it's probably a good idea to sell it for some quick cash.

Final Fantasy 15 Make Money with Vyn

Photography Sidequests With Vyn

Vyn is a journalist (and not a Hurley from Lost impersonator) that players will meet as they progress through the game, and the man is hungry for photographs. To meet him, travel to Lestallum and traverse down to the viewpoint which overlooks the cliffside. Vyn will be there, and he will ask if players can take photographs of various landmarks for his articles. The sidequests are simple enough – players simply travel to a predetermined destination, snap a photograph, and return to Vyn. Players who keep at it will start to rack up some serious Gil, as Vyn pays up to around 12,000 Gil for various assignments.

The only thing to note with Vyn is to keep wary of what time it is when player's arrive to their destination, as night-time shots are a no-go for Vyn's articles, so overnight camping may be required for those who miss the golden hour. Vyn has a set amount of quests, and while those that exist are highly rewarding, it's not a permanent source of income.

We hope the above guide will help Final Fantasy 15 players gather up their Gil at a faster rate, and help them get a little bit ahead in life's great Chocobo race. Completing some of the aforementioned sidequests will also net gamers a few achievements, so there's really no downside to doing them.

Final Fantasy 15 is set to release on November 29, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot

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