The latest issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Jump has a new preview of Final Fantasy 15 which features some of the first real discussion about what magic skills will look like.

The scans, which show off some never before seen gameplay stills, are primarily focused on the constantly evolving combat system that will define the way enemies are defeated in Final Fantasy 15. The most exciting element included in Weekly Jump is certainly the first real look at how magic in Final Fantasy 15 will differ from the spell-slinging done in previous installments, and it appears that casting spells is no longer as easy as simply pointing at an enemy and setting them ablaze.

Final Fantasy 15 will feature a spell casting system that takes the environment surrounding enemies and allies into account. For instance, the scans show that if a player casts the “Fire” spell at an enemy who is standing in a grassy area, that whole area will burst into flames all at once, endangering not only the enemy but also the player’s allies if they aren’t careful. It’s a nice strategic nuance to the game that will add some depth to its combat, which is especially important since Final Fantasy 15 won’t have any difficulty settings to make the game more difficult for seasoned veterans of the series.

Weekly Jump also revealed that there will be a number of different ways to approach initializing combat with an enemy. Noctis can attack monsters in the sky by jumping towards them rather than having to shoot them down, while Noctis can also mount monsters during combat to reduce their physical strength. Those looking to avoid messy confrontations might also get their wish as well, as Noctis is shown to have the ability to at least sneak into enemy territory to avoid being discovered. Whether or not that will actually mean players can actively dodge certain battles remains to be seen, but it is a promising development for one of the most anticipated games of 2016.

Final Fantasy 15 magic fire gameplay environmental jump scan

Final Fantasy 15 fans might not have to wait long before even more information about the game surfaces, either. Square Enix’s newest take on the storied franchise is due to be featured in next week’s Famitsu magazine, and there will be another Final Fantasy 15 Active Time Report sooner rather than later. Although it might be optimistic to expect a concrete release date just yet, it does appear that there will be substantial information revealed in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, it appears that director Hajime Tabata and company are making good on their goal of making Final Fantasy 15 a new and improved take on a beloved RPG series. Of course, the most important question has already been answered – Moogles will be in Final Fantasy 15, so at the very least, gamers can sleep easy knowing the fuzzy companions will not be forgotten as Final Fantasy moves forward.

Final Fantasy 15 will be available on PS4 and Xbox One, and is expected to release sometime in 2016.

Source: Games Talk (via Gematsu)