Final Fantasy 15 Live Action Trailer: Stand Together


Final Fantasy 15 gets a live-action trailer that seems to take inspiration from movies and TV shows like Stand By Me and Stranger Things to help sell the world to new fans.

Now that Final Fantasy 15's launch day has finally arrived, Square Enix is taking the last marketing push to the next level. The game is sure to be featured on tons of Twitch streams all day (and probably all week), and gameplay footage television spots are in place, but the company has now also released a live-action Final Fantasy 15 trailer to tug at gamer's heart strings.

The live-action trailer differs from many of the other spots in that it takes the focus off the four main characters and their fantasy road trip. Instead, the Stand Together trailer seems to take a cue from Stranger Things and focuses on four kids attempting to fight a giant beast in a dark forest.

Luckily, Noctis and the rest of the Final Fantasy 15 crew are always around just when they are needed...


The adventure unfolds while Florence and the Machine's cover of Stand By Me plays in the background. The choice of music is a great throwback to the movie Stand By Me, which is another road trip of sorts about a group of young men. The song also does a great job of setting up the Stand Together tagline.

It is very likely that longtime fans of the franchise have already been sold on the game for months (or longer), but this trailer could appeal to a more mass market of gamers who aren't the usual fantasy PRG demographic. The live-action rendition does a fantastic job of selling the flavor of the world's magic without overwhelming consumers with the traditional JRPG mechanics and features.

Final Fantasy 15 has only been out for a few hours but the early reviews are very positive and gamers are hard at work exploring the new world, mastering the basics, and wrapping their heads around the combat system. It will be very interesting to look back after a few weeks and see how many new franchise fans this installment was able to lure in.

What do you think of the Stand Together trailer? Do you think it could help the game bring in a larger audience? Let us know in the comments.

Final Fantasy 15 is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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