Reddit user Soushin grinds for 61 hours at the beginning of Final Fantasy 15, hitting the game’s level 99 level cap before even repairing the car in the second quest.

Final Fantasy XV is full of tough challenges for players to conquer, but one player took it upon himself to make his own challenge. Reddit user Soushin, also known as Billy from Super Best Friends, decided to hit the game’s level cap at the very beginning. This means Soushin managed to hit level 99 after completing the game’s first main quest, but before his party even had a chance to fix the game’s Audi R8 in the second quest.

Grinding to level 99 in Final Fantasy XV is no easy task, but it’s even more difficult at the beginning of the game. As Soushin explained on Reddit, he had to explore the entire starting area on foot, since he didn’t have Cindy fix the car yet. This added time to the grinding process, as did gathering the materials necessary to use spells early in the game.

After collecting enough cash to rest at the inn, Soushin would make his way there and sleep. As those that have played Final Fantasy XV can attest, sleeping at an inn gives players an XP boost, which made Soushin’s quest to hit the level cap at the beginning of the game a little less time-consuming. Even so, it still took Soushin a whopping 61 hours before he managed to hit the level cap.

final fantasy 15 cindy

Some may be wondering why anyone would go through such an obscene amount of grinding at the beginning of a game. Apparently this is nothing new for Soushin, who says he enjoys being incredibly overpowered when he plays an RPG, and likes to demolish all the enemies he comes across. He says this allows him to accomplish feats early on that the developers didn’t intend, like defeating special enemies that players aren’t supposed to be able to take on until the endgame, for example.

Hitting the level cap early on should also help Soushin blow through the rest of the game’s challenges, like collecting hidden items and completing the secret dungeon. All things considered, Soushin should have little to no problem getting to the end of Final Fantasy XV, even though it took 61 hours of grinding for him to become that powerful.

By being this powerful in Final Fantasy XV already, it should make Soushin especially prepared to tackle the game’s planned DLC. One DLC pack will add Square Enix boss Yosuke Matsuda as a special enemy encounter, but we imagine the fight will be a walk in the park for Soushin and his fully-leveled characters. In fact, with fully-leveled characters, it’s hard to imagine any part of the game that will really be all that challenging for Soushin, but that’s the reward for such an insane amount of grinding.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.