Final Fantasy 15 Had The Second Biggest UK Launch In The History Of The Franchise


Tracking just behind Final Fantasy 13Final Fantasy 15 is the franchise's second-fastest selling title in the UK, managing to come in at number two on the charts behind FIFA 17.

Following a decade of development, the long-awaited Final Fantasy 15 was finally released last week to positive reviews across the board and much excitement from fans. The game's positive word-of-mouth, coupled with a strong marketing push from Square Enix, has unsurprisingly translated to impressive sales numbers, particularly in the UK.

According to Gfk, a UK-based video games chart tracker, Final Fantasy 15 managed to have an strong debut on the UK charts, coming in at number two behind the well-received FIFA 17. While the game may have missed out on the number one spot, Square Enix won't be too concerned as this number two spot represents the second biggest UK launch in the history of the franchise. The numbers don't take into account digital sales, but the physical sales figures put Square Enix's latest RPG just behind Final Fantasy 13.

Final Fantasy 15's debut pushes Call of Duty: Infinite WarfareBattlefield 1, and Forza Horizon 3 down to third, fourth, and fifth place respectively, while last week's strong performers Pokemon Moon and Sun slip to eighth and ninth respectively.


Given that Final Fantasy 15 managed to sell over 5 million copies worldwide in its first five days of release and becoming the franchise's fastest-selling title, this big UK launch undoubtedly played a part in the game's mega-successful worldwide launch. These opening week sales numbers indicate that Square Enix's latest RPG is well on its way to the company's ambitious 10 million sales target, but based on the recent sales history of recent Final Fantasy titles, it is expected that sales of the Final Fantasy 15 will drop off considerably in the coming weeks.

Having said that, the development team are currently working on a slate of post-launch DLC, indicating that Square Enix intends to make sure that the game remains a consistent seller over the next few months at the very least. Should rumors of a PC port indeed become a reality, we can certainly expect sales numbers to go even higher.

At the time of writing, Final Fantasy 15 already ranks as the sixth best-selling title among Final Fantasy games, coming in behind Final Fantasy 12, Final Fantasy 13, Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 8, and Final Fantasy 7. It remains to be seen just how many copies Final Fantasy 15 will ultimately sell, but with a successful worldwide launch now under Square Enix' belt and the Final Fantasy 7 Remaster still to come, it probably goes without saying that the company must be pretty happy at how things are turning out so far.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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