Square Enix releases a bonus scene from Final Fantasy 15 Kingsglaive that features every fan’s favorite octopus getting himself into trouble once again.

Square Enix pulled out all the stops in 2016 in its promotion for the November release of Final Fantasy 15. The marketing plan included the creation of several side projects that served to flesh out Final Fantasy 15‘s story, like the animated Brotherhood series and a feature-length film called Kingsglaive. Kingsglaive, in particular, was mostly well-received by fans, and now, Square Enix has uploaded a bonus scene from the movie to YouTube that any fan of Final Fantasy will likely enjoy.

The video from Square Enix is short but sweet, and it features a man coming up against a massive baddie by the name of Ultros. Longtime Final Fantasy fans know that Ultros is a giant octopus/squid-like enemy who has appeared in multiple games throughout franchise history. Ultros is often presented as a character that makes witty or even corny jokes during battle and usually isn’t too difficult to dispatch.

As seen in the Kingsglaive scene below, which can be enjoyed without watching the rest of the movie, a scary-looking Ultros is shown running towards the protagonist, only to be promptly stopped in his tracks and blown to smithereens. The video then cuts to a restaurant where it seems that cooked squid is the specialty of the evening.

The video makes for a fun two minutes, but more importantly for Square Enix, it also serves to keep people talking about Final Fantasy 15. While the game did release to mostly positive reviews last fall and is one of Game Rant’s Top 10 Games of 2016, there were some fans who felt parts of the game felt unfinished and Square has pledged to continue developing content for Final Fantasy 15 well into 2017.

Most recently, Final Fantasy 15 received a holiday DLC pack that released on December 22. The basic pack is free and introduces exclusive in-game items and new songs, but those who own the Final Fantasy 15 Season Pass or purchase a premium version of the DLC can obtain some additional content.

But the most notable update from the holiday patch may be the addition of a New Game Plus mode. The new mode, which unlocks after beating the main story, completely resets story progression as well as all hunts and hunting rank, but allows players to keep their experience, level, and many of the weapons and items that were obtained during previous playthroughs.

Final Fantasy 15 is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.