Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How To See Enemy Weakness


Final Fantasy 15's combat is a little more fast-paced than some RPG fans are used to, but this trick to slow down time and identify enemy weaknesses makes things much easier.

Final Fantasy 15 has been out for a few days now and players are already flying through the content and taking out bosses taller than skyscrapers. Whether Noct and his crew are fighting a hulking behemoth or a pack of smaller monsters in the wild, Final Fantasy 15 players have a major advantage if they take the time to identify enemy weaknesses.

Like in most RPGs, different enemies are weak to particular weapons or spells. While fire spells may deal critical damage to one enemy, another bad guy may barely flinch at the stuff, but crumble under a blow from a broadsword. One way to identify these weaknesses is by  looking at the size and color of the numbers that are falling off of the enemy after each attack. The smaller the number, the less effective the current attack is. Although that is helpful when in a hurry, there is a much more effective way to identify weaknesses by using Wait Mode...

Engage Wait Mode

The first step to properly identifying enemy weaknesses is to engage Wait Mode (which you can learn all about in our Wait Mode guide). Turn on Wait Mode in the game's combat options and then simply stand still in combat to begin using Wait Mode.

Lock On To A Target

Once the player stops moving and the Wait Mode timer appears, they need to look at the target that they want to research. This should lock on to the target and create a little box around it. This looks the same as what players see when Noct is looking around before Warping towards a target.


Hold R1 or RB (Depending On Console)

Once locked on, players can hold down R1/RB and a wheel will appear. The wheel will slowly fill up (this takes longer for bigger enemies) and once it is full a guide with each weapon/attack type will appear in the top left corner of the HUD. Attacks that the enemy is weak against will be lit up on the guide and attacks that the enemy is strong against will be grayed out.

Switch to the Appropriate Attack

While still in Wait Mode, players can then switch weapons or equip the appropriate spell to take down the incoming enemy. When using the appropriate attacks, those numbers falling off the enemy should be big and bright.

In addition to this method, Ignis also will scan enemies and identify weaknesses for the player, even without using Wait Time. There is a skill that can be purchased in the Ascension menu to make Ignis do this earlier in combat. The weaknesses will show up outside of Wait Time once he scans them, but it's a little easier to read them and switch weapons on the fly with Wait Mode active.


What do you think of the combat system in Final Fantasy 15 so far? Let us know in the comments!

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Final Fantasy 15 is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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