Final Fantasy 15 players are able to permanently add Aranea to the party and this guide explains how to get her to join the team. Be warned, there are some downsides…

Final Fantasy 15 is all about Prince Noctis and his three best friends, but it wouldn’t be a JRPG without a few rotating party members. FF15 has less party member changes throughout the game than many previous installments in the franchise, but there are a few characters who take some time to save the world with the guys. Thanks to what seems to be a glitch (or maybe a secret) in Final Fantasy 15, there appears to be a way to keep one of those temporary battle buddies for much longer than the story intends.

Final Fantasy 15 story spoilers ahead…

One of the most powerful characters to temporarily join the team is Aranea Highwind. Players who have finished the game know that Aranea is a sometimes friend who joins the crew for a short dungeon in the middle of the game. If players want to keep Aranea around longer than that, they can follow these steps and she will be stuck with the team permanently.

Fair warning, there is no getting rid of Aranea until the game is finished and there are a few downsides to exploiting the glitch. The biggest downside is that Noctis is unable to fish with Aranea in the party, so players will need to be willing to sacrifice that feature if they want to quest with her. Aside from that, Aranea won’t join the rest of the team in the car and she won’t ride a chocobo. She will run at super speed behind the rest of the party though, so be ready to see her in the rear view mirror.

final fantasy 15 combat aranea noctis

Players willing to move forward with the exploit anyway can follow these steps that were discovered and tested by the Final Fantasy Reddit community

  • Rest at Cotisse Haven (after chapter 7)
  • Take the Raindrops Hunt to fast forward to night time
  • Open the menu and teleport to previous rest area
  • Wait until exactly midnight then run towards the big wall with a red fence
  • When daemons show up wait until battle is engaged then escape
  • Immediately teleport to previous rest area
  • Immediately interact with camp without pressing camp
  • Aranea will jump down her ship
  • She ‘camp’ as soon as she starts to speak
  • After camping, reload the camping autosave

From this point forward, Aranea will be in the party and the only way to get rid of her is to complete the game’s main story. She will not continue to level up with the rest of the guys, but she is unkillable and will heal Noct, which is incredibly helpful.

If you’re an Aranea fan, give it a try  on a fresh save state and let us know how it goes for you!

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Final Fantasy 15 is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.