Final Fantasy 15 Guide: How to Get the Airship


One of the most exciting parts of a Final Fantasy game is when players finally take to the skies. Final Fantasy 15's airship is no exception, and here's how to get it.

Final Fantasy 15 has finally been launched after over a decade in development, and Square Enix's innovative take on the beloved JRPG franchise has been turning heads immediately. Early reviews for Final Fantasy 15 indicate an incredible leap forward for the series, and the buzz surrounding the game has been largely comprised of positive chatter. For those fans who were bracing themselves for the worst after such a long development period, Final Fantasy 15 appears to have actually pulled it off and become a title worthy of its most iconic predecessors.

Although a lot has changed about the world of Final Fantasy in its newest iteration, however, the 50 GB file size of Final Fantasy 15 contains a lot of nostalgia for fans of the series as well. Whereas gamers had to fight for the inclusion of Moogles in Final Fantasy 15, though, there was one aspect that was never in doubt - eventually, as with nearly every other Final FantasyFinal Fantasy 15 was going to let players take to the skies in their very own airship.

The airship in Final Fantasy 15 is a little different than its predecessors in a few key ways. Instead of a giant, flying, steampunk-esque boat with propellers, Final Fantasy 15's airship is the Regalia, the car that Noctis and crew have made instantly recognizable over the course of their road trip. Perhaps even more surprising than piloting a flying car, however, is the fact that the flying Regalia is only unlockable after players have completed Final Fantasy 15's main campaign.


For those interested in how to get their hands on Final Fantasy 15's first modern flying car, Game Rant has put together a handy guide to help fans earn their wings. Be warned, however, that there are potential spoilers involved.

Beat the Game

Unfortunately, there's no other way around this part. Gamers will have to beat Final Fantasy 15, save their clear data once prompted after the credits roll, and reload the game to travel back in time to past Lucis. Doing so will unlock a number of new side quests, including the one that will enable gamers to have the Regalia take flight.

Accept the "Formouth Garrison" Side Quest

Head to the Imperial Base, following the quest marker labeled "Formouth Garrison" that has now appeared after beating the game. Once you're near the marker, prepare your party for a difficult fight - the suggested level for the quest is 46, but the boss of the mission only appears after several waves of other enemies and is a very tough fight in their own right. Once you've defeated each wave and put the boss down for good, Noctis and crew will find an item called the "Strange Engine", the third and final piece acquired over the course of the game needed to get the airship.

It's also impossible to miss the first two items, as they are acquired at the end of Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 respectively, making them main story must-haves that cannot be sold and sit in Noctis' inventory until they're needed. Don't worry!

Have Cindy Upgrade the Regalia to the Regalia Type-F

After completing the side quest, it's as simple as heading over to Cindy at Cid's Garage and handing over the parts the party has collected. After that, Cindy will fix up the car, present Noctis with the Regalia Type-F, and the party will now be able to fly all over Lucis. As a bonus for those who have come back to the game after completing it, the Type-F also has an infinite fuel tank, which means gamers will no longer have to stop at gas stations every now and then to ensure their car doesn't stall out in the middle of a journey.

Once gamers have the Type-F, they'll also have access to an hours-long dungeon that is only accessible at night after the game has been beaten.


And that's it! Gamers interested in Final Fantasy 15's airship don't have to leap through too many hoops to get it once they have the option. Given the wealth of post-game content that Final Fantasy 15 has to offer, it's savvy of the development team at Square Enix to equip gamers with a way of getting around faster so that they can hop from side quest to side quest without lengthy travel times in between.

What do you think of the Regalia Type-F? Are you surprised you don't get an airship until after the game has been beaten? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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