Final Fantasy 15 Glitch Lets Players Fly Over the Open World

final fantasy 15 armiger god mode glitch

Final Fantasy 15 has been called many things since the game's release late last year - a masterpiece, an unfinished art project, or often some combination of the two. What Square Enix's best seller is above all else, though, is an extremely compelling, if flawed, work in progress. That has certainly lent weight to the argument that Final Fantasy 15 is unfinished, but it has also seen the already impressive title become progressively better with each patch Square Enix has released.

That kind of constant tinkering has certainly led to some interesting in-game situations, however, and players have quickly uncovered a number of different glitches that give Noctis an unruly amount of power. First, there was the discovery that a recent Final Fantasy 15 patch made the Adamantoise fight too easy, thanks to the massive upgrade Square gave the Ring of Lucis in that update. Now, however, one gamer has stumbled upon something even more impressive - the Final Fantasy 15 equivalent of a God Mode. Check it out here:

The glitch essentially locks Noctis in his Armiger Mode, a supernatural and incredibly powerful state of being that the character experiences only twice over the course of Final Fantasy 15. Armiger lets Noctis fly through the air in any direction and travel at lightning quick speeds, and is supposed to be available during the massive boss battles against Leviathan and Ardyn. The God Mode glitch, discovered by YouTube channel edepot, allows players to create a save file that has glitched Noctis into permanently being in Armiger, unlocking a number of dazzling views.

It's amazing the God Mode glitch was ever discovered in the first place, as it is a more than 22 step process that features a number of unintuitive decisions, but the reward is well worth it. Some of Final Fantasy 15's best environmental design is locked away behind specific storyline moments and then never seen again, and the ability to revisit some of these - particularly those in Altissia - is amazing for fans of Final Fantasy 15's incredibly complex and beautiful game world.

Still, the God Mode glitch is a lot of work, and it doesn't seem to be the most convenient thing to lock into a save file. What do you think, Ranters? Worth a shot and a spot in the game's save files, or too much effort just for a number of breath-taking views? Let us know in the comments below.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube

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