Final Fantasy 15 Gladiolus DLC Story Details Revealed


Just a couple of weeks ago, Square Enix unveiled the first 15 minutes of gameplay footage from Final Fantasy 15's forthcoming DLC known as "Episode Gladiolus" during a showcase at PAX East 2017, and now the publisher and developer has put out a press release containing detailed information on the contents of the expansion pack. Not only did the company provide additional context regarding the backstory for the forthcoming DLC, but also it touched on the add-on's revamped battle system, new environment, fresh items, and gameplay modes.

Of course, before delving into any of the materials divulged by Square Enix in its latest press release for the role-playing game's impending DLC, it's important to note that the information contains spoilers for those who have yet to play Final Fantasy 15. With that being the case, fans who are still in the dark about the RPG's story and wish to remain there until they play the game would do well to avoid anything beyond this point.


As far as the backstory to Final Fantasy 15's Episode Gladiolus is concerned, it concerns the aftermath of Gladiolus' loss to the enemy high commander Ravus, as he must face certain truths about himself and realize that in order to travel with the Chosen King, he must wield a significant amount of strength in order to protect him. When Gladiolus departs from his friends Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto, he meets up with Cor, the sole survivor of the Kingdom of Lucis' trials to become his student. With Cor as his mentor, Gladiolus is intent on challenging the Shield of the Founder King–the Blademaster, Gilgamesh.

While Final Fantasy 15's main game was designed around Noctis and his mobility to warp and dodge enemy attacks, the forthcoming DLC revamps the battle system a bit to show Gladiolus' strengths, as he fights by blocking and counterattacking with a new “Valor” and “Rage” setup. The expansion will see players traveling to a new environment that was previously inaccessible in the main game, and upon the DLC's completion, fans will collect new items that will carry over to the base version of FF15. Not to mention, Episode Gladiolus adds two new modes with “Score Attack” and “Final Trial” once the add-on's been finished.

Those who already own Final Fantasy 15's Season Pass will receive Episode Gladiolus upon its launch on March 28, while others can purchase it as a standalone item for $5. Taking all of this into consideration, with many believing that Final Fantasy 15 was unfinished at launch, hopefully this forthcoming piece of DLC will provide players with something close to a more sumptuous experience with the game overall.

Final Fantasy 15 is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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